The Croods / Su Italia 1 the animated film by DreamWorks

The Croods, the prime time film on Italia 1

Tonight, Saturday 24 September, at 21.20 on Italia 1 will be broadcast “The Croods“, An animated film produced in the United States of America in 2013 by Kristine Belson and directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders. In the cast of voice actors to mention the excellent appearances of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener and Randy Thom. In the Italian version Grug, the head of the Croods family, is voiced by Francesco Pannofino. “THE Croods speaks prehistoric but reads the news in family format: reactionaries or progressives, fearful or confident, parents are served, while for the little ones there are fantastic creatures and these Flinstones 2.0 all to laugh“, Wrote Federico Pontiggia, in Il Fatto Quotidiano.

The Croods, the plot of the film

Grug, the breadwinner of the Croods, forces the family to spend most of their time in a dark cave. In fact, the little daughter named Hip is often put into detention when she tries to go out without permission to go out alone. One night, after hearing strange noises, she ventures into nature meeting a boy named Guy who shows her fire for the first time. The latter also reveals to her that a terrible earthquake will soon disrupt life on earth. When the earthquake occurs, the family is forced to flee due to the collapse of the cave in which they lived. A series of adventures begin with the prehistoric animals of the area as protagonists, fortunately, however, Guy arrives to lend a hand. Grug is always wary of him, especially after seeing the action of fire with his own eyes. After a long wandering around the land, the family is intent on looking for a new place to put their roots, thus moving towards a mountain. Meanwhile Guy tries several times to get away and then return when he sees his friends, in particular Hip, go into trouble. When they seem to have found the right place to create the new home, or the top of the mountain, a sensational landslide endangers everyone’s life. Precisely in this circumstance Grug becomes aware of his mistakes and saves everyone by refusing to enter a cave once again. He declares his fatherly love for Hip and throws her across the cliff. Fortunately, he manages to reach the others by putting himself to safety, an opportunity for little Hip to return the affection of her father and forgive him. Eventually, The Croods manage to build their new home on a gorgeous beach.


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