the crowd cheers for the robber, what he managed to achieve

A bank robbery is underway in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon: a man has taken numerous hostages, but outside the institute he is cheered by the crowd

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Situation bordering on the paradoxical a Beirutin Lebanon: one is in progress bank robbery with numerous people taken like hostage, but outside the institute the robber is incited by the crowd. Part of the reason is due to his requests and the country’s economic crisis.

Bank panic in Beirut: a robbery is underway

According to reports from Al Jazeera, a man is holding several employees hostage at a branch of the Federal Bank in the district of Hamra. He would enter the building with his face uncovered and taking with him a petrol can.

The man allegedly took at least 6 or 7 bank employees as hostages, according to the country’s official security sources. The police are on the scene and are in contact with the robber, who in the meantime has allegedly released an elderly hostage.

Bank robbery in BeirutPhoto source: ANSA

Agents and army outside the Beirut bank

Behind the gesture of man there would be the economic crisis that has hit the country, so common that the crowd that gathered outside the bank began to “cheer” for himchanting chants against the bank and in fact supporting the robber’s action.

“We are account holders and we want our money! We are with him, we are ready to help him“, Claims one of the people present, as reported by Al Jazeera.

What are the robber’s demands

In fact, according to what is filtered by the Middle Eastern media, the bank robbery taking place in Beirut would not be motivated by the simple desire to steal other people’s money, quite the contrary.

The robber’s request would indeed be personal: he asks the bank unlock your account on which there would be about $ 200,000 in savings, apparently frozen for at least 3 years.

Not only that: according to the man’s brother, who rushed to the scene, the robber would like to withdraw that money to pay the medical bills of his father and other family members. “My brother is not a scoundrel, he is a good person,” he told The Associated Press.

The testimonies of the hostages in the bank

According to family members, the man would be really ready to set himself on fire if his requests were not granted: he would have already fired three warning shots with a weapon in his possession.

The media also managed to speak to the branch manager, Hassan Halawi. To Reuters, he said that he is in his office and that the robber “gets upset and then calms down and agitates again”, testifying to the precariousness of the situation.

The banks in Lebanon are experiencing a profound economic crisisthe worst in recent history: in the country restrictive rules have been enacted on withdrawals from foreign accounts and assets, even going so far as to freeze some of the savings of many citizens.

“He asks for his money because he is unable to find a job – reports Al Jazeera journalist Zeina Khodr – This is not an armed robberyor a bank robbery in the true sense of the word: it is a man who takes hostages to ask for something that he believes is his by right ”.

Finished the bank robbery: what he got

An update on the affair arrives from abroad: an agreement was reached, the man managed to obtain 35,000 dollars of his account, handed over to his brother. The man then surrendered to the police after 6 hours: he had threatened to set fire to the bankholding employees hostage.


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