The crowd on the left drops the mask: there is no single program

The agreement reached byheaped up of the left is not based on a shared idea of ​​government, but on an electoral mess to try to avoid the triumph of the center-right at the polls. The intentions were these and the facts have shown it: the parties of the red jumble are divided at the start and have not managed to recompose the pieces, so much so that they will present themselves in the next political elections without a program shared. Each with their own flags, thus immediately dropping the mask.

Pile already split

The left-wing coalition will submit to the voters’ judgment with four forces: in addition to Democratic party there will be + Europe, Luigi Di Maio’s civic commitment and Verdi-Sinistra Italiana. The center-right will also have four components (Forza Italia, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Noi moderati), but unlike the crowd it has already drawn up a shared government program. A plan of 15 points signed by the leaders Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni.

The difference is all here: while the center right is made up of political forces united by a vision of a common country, the left has as its only glue the terror of coming out with broken bones from the elections on Sunday 25 September. L’Agi reports that, according to what has been learned from the alliance between the Greens and the Italian Left, each political force of the red minestrone will have its own program. Other than unity: on the left, divisions and differences over the choices for Italy reign supreme.

The own goal of Letta & Co

Recently Verdi and the Italian Left have deposited their symbol and program at the Viminale. Instead, the “Together for a democratic and progressive Italy” program was unanimously approved by the national leadership of the Democratic Party. He will be satisfied Enrico Letta? The dem secretary focused heavily on the compactness of the red jumble, but the result is that the four parties were not even able to find an agreement on the program before the elections.

It was the one who launched an attack on the crowd Carlo Calenda who, after trying to make an axis with Letta, pointed his finger to the left and reproached the lack of credibility: “The left-wing coalition declares that it does not have a single program. But without a shared program there is no coalition but a life raft for the political class. The reasons for our exit from the coalition are fully confirmed. Too many deals and no plans. Just chaos“.

Besides, Letta had already admitted it. “I’m not talking about a government deal“, he had declared at a press conference to announce the agreement with Verdi and the Italian Left. The question arises spontaneously: Pd & Co think they will gain enormous trust from the Italians after the show of these days and the obvious splits at the start? On the other hand there is a solid center-right, one historical coalition (and not botched in extremis) who has clear and shared ideas on how to revive the fortunes of the country.

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