The Crown 5, Elizabeth Debicki has revealed that she had her first audition almost six years ago before playing Diana

Elizabeth Debicki is the new flawless protagonist of The Crown 5 as Diana Spencer. In Season 5, Prince Charles (Dominic West) pushes his mother to agree to a divorce from Diana (Elizabeth Debicki), setting the stage for a constitutional crisis in the monarchy. The increasingly separate life between husband and wife fuels numerous gossip. When the media scrutiny intensifies, Diana decides to take control of the situation and breaks the family rules by publishing a book that threatens public support for Charles and exposes the differences within the House of Windsor.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth Debicki she recounted her audition for The Crown: «I was watching the first season of The Crown. And I was watching it because one of my best friends, Vanessa Kirby, played Princess Margaret. So I was there watching it, and then my agent says, “Would you like to audition for a small part for season two? So I tell him, “I’m not physically fit for that part at all. I don’t think I can work with it. I don’t think I want to. And she said to me, “Of course you have to just do it because these people are making this amazing show.” So I go to this audition and there’s the casting director and some producers, when I get halfway through the scenes, it’s kind of like, “OK, thanks so much for coming,” and I went home. with the tail between the legs. But apparently, during that audition, they saw something of Diana, which surprised me when I got the email a few days later. They told me, “We think this might be a good idea and we’ll talk about it in four years,” which in the life of an actress is an eternity. You think: “Well, then I will be old! I want to do it now!”. And then they called me in 2020 ».

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