The Crown Netflix: the weight of responsibility

Today we will talk about The Crownone of the most famous and viewed TV series on the streaming platform of Netflix who conquered the whole world with one story full of twists And particular characters. Let’s find out all the reasons why you should definitely watch it.

The Crown on Netflix and the weight of responsibility – Why watch it?

The Crown is probably one of the greatest masterpieces of the present day, one of those TV series from do not lose and from toadd to your list immediately (allowing her to quickly climb the rankings, of course).

Before proceeding, however, let’s find out what this serial product is about. It’s actually very simple, talk simply of the British Royal Family. The Crown is indeed a genre TV series dramatic historical made by Peter Morgan for Netflix and focuses on life di Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and his particular family.

At the moment they are available four Seasons (with a fifth season coming in 2022 and a sixth season and prequel announced). Each season covers one very specific historical arch: in the first season we will see one Young Elizabethabout to marry Philip of Edinburghinherit the throne of England, until outbreak of the Suez crisis in 1956.

In the second season it goes up to 1964with the Perfume scandal and the birth of the Queen’s last child, the prince Edward. The third season instead begins with the elections of Harold Wilsonthen continuing towards jubilee in honor of the twenty-five years from the Queen’s accession to the throne in 1977 up to the crisis between the princess Margherita pizza And Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Finally, the fourth was the most anticipated season ever because it introduces the first meeting between Carlo and the young woman Lady Diana Spencercovering the years from 1977 until 1990also narrating the exploits of Margaret Thatcherthe first woman to hold the office of Prime Minister in UK history.

As for the fifth season, arriving by 2022, it was revealed that it will deal with the events of the 90s under the government of John Major from 1990 to 1997year that marks the death of Diana Spencer. Within this time span they will also be narrated the divorces of Prince Charles And Andrew but also of Princess Anna; there will also be room for the fire of Windsor Castle and the reform on real finances.

Fact or fantasy?

The Crown why look at it tech princess

The Crown is the kind of TV series that, once seen, it is impossible to eliminate from one’s head (and from your heart). It is one of those products that captures its viewer from the very first minutes show and manages to keep it glued to the screen until the end. His goal is to tell the story of the Royal Family but, as you can imagine, it is different from a documentary.

Next to the historical facts that really happened and of which we have concrete evidence, we also find that dense fictional line of events that intertwine very well with history, offering us a complete and new product.

In fact, you will find yourself a Google furiously for most events while watching the TV series, in an attempt to fill some real-life gaps. Situations too unlikely to be real and situations too real to be unlikely. The whole product, most of the time, oscillates between these two elements.

As you can imagine – and as we have mentioned – there are gods present embellishmentsespecially in the first season because we are not aware of the conversations that the royals had among themselves in the early 1950s. However, the drama is entirely credible; it is not in fact a fictional soap opera. From marital problems to sibling rivalry, from gender politics to family politics, to politics itself, it’s all here, in this TV series that shows us the Royal Family as we have never seen it before.

The TV series also shows numerous historical facts that really happened, allowing the public to fill some historical gaps. From post-war politics to the cloud of smog that swept over London in 1952, up to the mystery of the retired Churchill portrait, The Crown offers us free and interesting history lessons too.

Much more than a simple historical TV series

The Crown it’s not just the classic historical TV series. Offers us fragility, fleeting moments of happiness, ache and many but many responsibility who often come before their own family. The Family will also be real but not all that glitters is gold and The Crown shows it right away.

The TV series and its director allow us to put ourselves in the shoes of Queen Elizabeth and her family; no, dear readers, it is not difficult just because they are real and we people common. This is precisely the immense strength of him: empathize with each situation and character, allowing the public to understand his point of view. The same goes for situations in which we will find ourselves in front of multiple points of view and opinions: who is right? Who, on the other hand, is wrong?

The Crown don’t point your finger at someone, is limited only to exposing the facts and points of view of the various characters. It will be up to the public to decide which side to take or whether or not to point the finger at someone.

Before us we have a Queen who it must not appear fragilethat it cannot show inclination towards one particular thing rather than another; we have a Queen who tries to hold a country and his family which he cannot understand the real weight of the Crown. That object that everyone desires, that feeling of power and supremacy, Elizabeth – as her father – they didn’t want them.

Elizabeth’s secret dream was another but it was shattered by a terrible twist of fate.

On the one hand we admire the Queen and what she has managed to do over her years for the crown; on the other hand, however, we realize that it hasn’t been able to achieve much as a human being. However, we are not in a position to judge her, absolutely, because only she knows how painful and stressful the weight of the Crown can be.

High level performance and costumes

why look at the crown tech princess
The Crown S4. Picture shows: Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR) and Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN)

If you compare the cast of the various seasons with their real-life counterparts, you realize how similar they are and of the immense commitment to make The Crown an excellent product. The casting of the first two seasons is so perfect that it is impossible to forget their performances; why the change of cast of the third season left us, at least at the beginning, a little confused.

Claire Foy (the Queen Elizabeth), Matt Smith (Prince Philip) e Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret) in particular are exceptional and make a great deal phenomenal work in portraying these royal icons. Just look at how the show recreated iconic photographs and paintings: the similarity is incredible.

However, as much as these characters have won us over, keep in mind that every two seasons the cast changes to offer more adult and aged characters. However, this does not mean that the quality is non-existent, on the contrary: between Olivia Colman in the role of Queen Elizabeth ed Helena Bonham-Carter in that of Princess Margaret, The Crown shines more and more.

However it is right Emma Corrin the one who raised the casting bar and intrigued the entire audience. The young actress who plays the role of Lady Diana Spencer offers us a performance delicate And disruptive at the same moment. Corrin is perfect in the role of Diana and she proves it to us throughout the fourth season: she gives us one Diana naive and in love with Carloup to a Older Dianawhich fights bulimia and stress.

Just like casting, too the costumes on this show are phenomenal. Not only are they very loyal to some of the iconic dresses worn by the royal family, but they are also very much faithful to the historical period. The amount of time and detail that went into getting the costumes right is incredible, and this is where it comes down to how important is accuracy for manufacturing.

In many period dramas, the costumes they do not always correspond exactly to the erato the place or al rank where the story is set. With The Crown you can really see how much research has been done to make the costumes as faithful as possible. The clothes show some small changes compared to the originals but they are not drastic changes, often we do not even notice them.

So why watch The Crown on Netflix?

Olivia Colman the crown why look at her tech princess

There is much more to say about this product but we prefer don’t spoil the atmosphere and the magic that The Crown is able to create from the very first minutes of the show. It won’t be all roses and flowersyou will often be shocked by what the TV series will show you, but you will not be able to detach yourself from the screen.

The Crown is regal, powerful and unforgiving.

If you are a fan of historical reconstructions, you will certainly find bread for your teeth. However, we would also like to recommend it to those who, instead, does not have a great passion for this genre. Take a moment to take a look at it and keep going to the end, do not deprive yourself of such an incredible product And crafted down to the smallest detail.

So why look at it? Because otherwise you would lose a masterpiece.

As already mentioned the first four seasons of The Crown are now available on Netflix; a fifth season will debut on the streaming platform by the end of 2022.

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