The Crown, Queen, Sissi, How to become king? The best movies and series on a royal theme

The relentless interest in the royal family makes us love the movies that take place at royal courts. The costumed and more contemporary ones. Historical and fact-based or heavily fictionalized – they have magic in them. Perfectly produced Netflix series The Crown was an incredible success and restored the royal themes to favors. In anticipation of its fifth season, we offer the best films and series showing the backstage of life at court.

Series “The Crown” 2016-, Peter Morgan

The series tells the story of the longest reigning queen in the history of Great Britain – Elizabeth II. We follow her story from her wedding to Prince Philip, to assuming power, rising to the role of ruler, and the series of sacrifices she is prepared to make to keep her shaky monarchy alive. All the threads contained in the production are based on facts, and the series is also pleasing to the eye with costumes and scenery refined with attention to the smallest details.

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“The Queen” 2006, dir. Stephen Frears

After the tragic death of Princess Diana, the British monarchy faced an image crisis and had to face a previously unknown problem. Currently, the reigning Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren) and Prime Minister Tony Blair had to break the existing protocol more than once and make many compromises to save the monarchy. For her role, Helen Mirren received an Oscar for Best Leading Actress.

“Elizabeth” 1998, dir. Shekhar Kapur

The story of Elizabeth who went down in history as a virgin queen. The daughter of Henry VIII and Anna Boleyn ascends the throne at the age of 25 and quickly ceases to be an innocent girl. In difficult times, he gives up his own feelings and leads a radical and ruthless rule. Thanks to the appropriate advisers, he exercises control over the entire state.

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“How to become king” 2010, dir. Tom Hooper

Following his brother’s abdication, the shy Albert (Colin Firth) takes the throne as King George VI. Technological progress and the weakening image of the monarchy force him to speak frequently to his subjects, also in a new form – radio. However, the king stutters a lot since he was a child. The support of his wife (Helena Bonham Carter) is not enough, secretly from the public they decide to use the help of an unconventional speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush). Their cooperation is not easy at first, but it brings the desired effect and results in a long-term friendship.

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“Diana” 2013, dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel

Although the life of the legendary Princess Diana (Naomi Watts) was often featured in the headlines, it was full of secrets, intrigues and puzzles. What was she really like? What led to the tragic accident in which she died? What was her relationship with Dodi al-Fayed (Naveen Andrews)? The film is an attempt to find the truth.

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The series “Tudors Dynasty” 2007-2010, dir. Ciaran Donnelly, Jeremy Podeswa

The series presents the fate of King Henry VIII, known for numerous romances and the fact that he was married six times. He led to a death sentence and execution by beheading two of his wives. All this to have a male heir. As the years go by, he wants to divorce, which the Catholic Church did not allow. To change the law, he introduces his own branch of religion – Anglicanism.

“Lovers of the King” 2008, dir. Justin Chadwick

The film is based on the best-selling novel by Philippa Gregory. A complicated plot unfolds at the 16th-century court of King Henry VIII of England. The two Boleyn sisters (Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson) vie for the favor of the king (Eric Ban) so that their lineage may gain influence at court. Maria becomes his lover, but the ambitious Anna persists, which leads to the establishment of an Anglican Church by the king.

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“The Queen’s Trustee” 2017, dir. Stephen Frears

An amazing story about the intimacy and friendship of the elderly Queen Victoria and her servant, Abdul Karim. A Muslim becomes her companion and later secretary for the last 15 years of her life. This is, of course, the subject of rumors around the court. Abdul Karim had a great influence on the Queen and was associated with a change in her behavior, views and policies.

“Sissi” 1955, dir. Ernst Marischka

The first part of the epic trilogy about the fate of the princess, and later Empress Elizabeth, called by her relatives Sissi. The film with Romy Schneider in the title role belongs to the classics of cinema. Young and carefree Sissi grew up in Bavaria. Her life changes when she and her older sister Helena and mother visit the Emperor of Austria, the young and handsome Franz Joseph. Helena is to become his wife soon …

“Elizabeth. The Golden Age ”2007, dir. Shekhar Kapur

Cate Blanchett played the legendary Queen Elizabeth I for the second time. She has been on the throne for 30 years, but has to constantly fight for her position. Threats await her from her own family, and the king of Spain supported by the Catholic Church, who want to deprive the throne of the “heretic”. The Maiden Queen has long since decided to sacrifice her own feelings for England, but a man of the people – Raleigh (Clive Owen) appears around her …

“Young Victoria” 2009, dir. Jean-Marc Vallée

History until recently the longest reigning queen of Great Britain in history. Victoria (Emily Blunt) takes the throne at a very young age. Initially, she is an inexperienced, manipulative girl, but she does not allow regency. He is leading the country with a strong hand to the times of its greatest power. The time of her reign went down in history as the “Victorian Era”.

“Maria Antonina” 2006, dir. Sofia Coppola

Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) became the wife of Louis XVI and Queen of France at the age of just 14. He immediately falls into an extravagant life full of splendor and intrigue. caught up in the palace life full of intrigues and scandals. Due to his own vanity and thoughtlessness, he is at the center of numerous scandals and arouses the reluctance of those around him and his subjects.

“The Princess” 2008, dir. Saul Dibb

Duchess Georgiana Cavendish (Keira Knightley), thanks to her unprecedented beauty, begins to lead a life full of intrigue and passion at a very young age. he learns early about the dark side of lavish outside life. For the sake of social standing and comfort, he abandons true love and pays a high price for it. SEE PHOTOS

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