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The cult film tonight on TV: “The Twilight Saga – Eclipse” Wednesday 21 June 2022 at 21:10 on La 5 (Canale 30)

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a 2010 film directed by David Slade with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene. Scripted by Melissa Rosenberg, it is the third film based on the Twilight series. The film is the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s 2007 novel of the same name and sequel to The Twilight Saga: New Moon of 2009.

It all starts… with a choice
(Movie tagline)

Bella returns to Forks with Edward after the misadventure with the Volturi in Italy. Now the girl has to choose between continuing her friendship with the werewolf Jacob or stop seeing him as Edward is extremely bothered by their relationship.
Meanwhile, Victoria, the nomadic vampire who was part of James’ clan, follows Bella to avenge the death of her partner killed by the Cullen family. Her presence becomes tangible for Edward and Bella when news of various heinous crimes committed by strangers in the city of Seattle appears in the newspapers.
The boys, meanwhile, prepare for graduation, an event that will mean the end of Bella’s mortal life, as Carlisle promised her that after graduating from high school he would turn her into a vampire.

Jacob’s constant intrusion begins to seriously annoy Edward, but he realizes that in his company Bella is safe from any attack by Victoria.
Given the imminent and inevitable confrontation that the Cullens will have to face with Victoria and her army of newborn vampires, Jasper decides to train her family and the Quileute pack of werewolves to face Victoria’s group, demonstrating excellent preparation in the fight. due to his past times in another vampire clan.
The day of the fight arrives and the vampires and werewolves ally themselves against the common enemy, protecting Bella and studying a battle strategy.

The day before the fight, Bella, Edward and Jacob set up camp on the top of a mountain, far from where the battle will take place. Bella, for fear that Edward might get killed, asks him to stay with her and the vampire accepts her, even though he is a little worried at the thought of her family in the heat of the fight. Jacob also remains with them, who with his high body temperature helps Bella not to die of cold during the night.
Jacob, the next day, troubled by Bella’s choice to love Edward, decides to join the rest of the group on the battlefield, but not before asking the girl to show him with a kiss that she cares about his life. Bella agrees to kiss him and, in doing so, she realizes she loves him as well as Edward, giving Jacob hope.

Meanwhile, the battle with the newborn vampires turns out to be a very bloody battle and, to protect Bella, Victoria’s only real target, remain Edward and the young werewolf Seth.
Victoria joins Bella with Riley, her new partner. During the fight, Riley is killed by Seth while Edward will kill Victoria in front of Bella’s eyes.

After the fight is over, the Cullen family and the werewolves reunite, however Jacob is seriously injured due to a sudden attack by a vampire who survived the fight.
Later, Bella goes to visit Jacob who, despite being tried because of his injuries and fever, shows her that he will wait for her even after her “transformation” into a vampire.

Eventually, Bella and Edward, sitting in the middle of a flowery meadow, finally decide to organize their wedding.


The Cullens

  • Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen the vampire born in 1901 stopped at the age of seventeen, adopted by Carlisle Cullen along with other vampires. Edward has the ability to read the minds of others, except that of Bella, his girlfriend.
  • Peter Facinelli is Carlisle Cullen head of the family of the Cullens. Carlisle is a doctor and embraces the “vegetarian” lifestyle with his family;
  • Elizabeth Reaser is Esme Cullen wife of Carlisle and transformed into a vampire by her husband;
  • Ashley Greene is Alice Cullen, also adopted by the Cullen family. Alice predicts the future until the decisions made change, in which case she would change the future as well. She is life partner Jasper Hale;
  • Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale, a vampire with a gift for controlling emotions. Jasper aids his family in their battle with Victoria and the newborn vampires, training them to fight with techniques learned in his lifetime. He too was adopted by the Cullens;
  • Nikki Reed is Rosalie Hale, the beautiful vampire created and adopted by Carlisle after he found her dying from rape. She is married to Emmett Cullen;
  • Kellan Lutz is Emmett Cullen, the strongest member of the family. Being very strong, he can’t wait to fight Victoria and her offspring. He too was adopted by the Cullen family.

The Humans

  • Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan, the human in love with Edward Cullen. After spending time with Jacob Black, she is in crisis because she feels connected to both of them; she knows she loves Edward and can never do without him but she is desperate for Jacob’s disquiet.
  • Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, Bella’s father and Sheriff of Forks;
  • Gil Birmingham is Billy Black, Jacob Black’s father and elder of the Quileute tribe;
  • Tinsel Korey in the role of Emily Young, Sam Uley’s partner who is imprinted. Her face was scarred by an uncontrolled fit of anger from Sam.
  • Jack Huston as Royce King, Rosalie Hale’s boyfriend who raped her and left her dying;
  • Christian Serratos is Angela Weber, Bella’s schoolmate and friend;
  • Michael Welch is Mike Newton, Bella’s schoolmate;
  • Anna Kendrick is Jessica Stanley, Bella’s schoolmate and friend;
  • Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie, Bella’s schoolmate;
  • Sarah Clarke is Renée Dwyer, Bella’s mother.

The werewolves

  • Taylor Lautner is Jacob Black. After dating Bella during Edward’s absence, he falls in love with her suffering greatly from her as she makes it clear that she loves Edward deeply, at least as much as he cares about their friendship.
  • Chaske Spencer is Sam Uley; Sam is the pack leader of werewolves;
  • Alex Meraz is Paul, the most aggressive member of the pack, not happy that Bella is aware of the secret of the werewolves;
  • Kiowa Gordon is Embry Call;
  • Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara;
  • Bronson Pelletier is Jared the second to transform into a werewolf after Sam;
  • Julia Jones is Leah Clearwater, the only female member of the werewolf pack. She is Seth’s older sister and was Sam Uley’s girlfriend before he was imprinted on Emily Young;
  • Boo Boo Stewart is Seth Clearwater, the youngest of the pack, he will be very attached to Jacob Black enough to abandon the old pack to follow him.

Members of the Volturi guard

  • Dakota Fanning as Jane]. She possesses very powerful mental abilities causing her victims the illusion of excruciating pain with the power of thought. She is sent to check the tide of the battle by the Volturi and ultimately decides to kill the surviving newborn vampires;
  • Daniel Cudmore as Felix, a particularly strong vampire;
  • Charlie Bewley as Demetri. He is a hound like James was but his peculiarity is not to follow the trail of the victim’s scent but the trail of his thoughts;
  • Cameron Bright as Alec. Jane’s brother, he has the ability to inhibit the senses of multiple people.

The Victoria clan and other nomads

  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria; she is bent on avenging Edward’s killing of her partner James by hunting Bella. He has an incredible instinct for escaping her but constantly follows the girl in anticipation of finding her unprotected and killing her.
  • Xavier Samuel is Riley, Victoria’s new partner. Riley is influenced by Edward’s words and is killed by Seth Clearwater who takes advantage of his hesitation;
  • Jodelle Ferland is Bree, a 15-year-old vampire recently transformed by Victoria. After Victoria’s death, she is captured and Carlisle asks to be entrusted with her to teach her to live like them but Jane, sent by the Volturi to see the fate of the Cullens, decides to kill her;
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno is Maria, the vampire who transformed Jasper Hale in 1863.

Directed by David Slade

With Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene


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