The cult Tibia celebrates its 25th birthday and will finally receive a sound

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January 10, 2022, 19:05

Tibia celebrates its 25th birthday. Therefore, the creators announced that the cult MMORPG will receive the award this year.

A few days ago, Tibia, or the cult MMORPG in our country, ended 25 years ago. CipSoft studio game developers have decided will honor t circle of anniversaries. They published a material in which they inform, among other things, that their production this year will receive a grant.

The movie is six minutes long and the majority of it is guided through the CipSoft premises. So we can see server rooms or developer and tester rooms. The most interesting, however, is the last 30 seconds of the material. For we see (and hear) a duplicated version of the Prealpha on it Tibia. If you are interested, you can watch everything below.

Tibia debuted on computers on January 7, 1997 and has been very popular among gamers until now. According to the creators, for 25 years the title has generated a total of over EUR 200 million in revenue. Not surprisingly, they have not abandoned the project and are still enriching it with new content.

  1. Tibia official website

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