the custom mode “sexual violence” exposes a problem of moderation –

Overwatch 2 allows users to create custom game modes, which they can give whatever names they want. One of these, however, was called “Sexual violence simulator“(Sexual Harassment Simulator in English), without Blizzard’s control system doing anything to block it. The company intervened later, making the mode invisible, which still remains accessible using a code.

Some users have gone so far as to ask for the boycott of Overwatch 2 until the situation is resolved, as Lynn MBE on Twitter:

“Don’t let your kids play Overwatch. My twelve year old son found us in a custm mode called ‘sexual harassment’ and one in which the rape of female characters was simulated. Fortunately he realized that it’s bad he quit the game and me. he said so. Don’t play Overwatch. “

In response to his Tweet, the comedian e Twitch streamer Brian “Limmy” Limond has published several images showing the offending mode, in order to remove any doubt about its existence:

The creation of the mode was attributed to the YouTuber Amatsuhikone and it was playable using a code already in Overwatch, but apparently has been updated with the arrival of Overwatch 2. By selecting it, the player is forced to play as Cassidy against a team of female characters. In the upper left part of the screen it is explained that you have to do to win: use the Flashbang ability to stun the victims, then “Tbag to fuck”, written with spaces to overcome the automatic censorship. When you go down, the text “raping …” appears at the top of the screen. The victim is then marked as “pregnant” and gives birth to a Torbjorn bot to simulate the birth of her child.

As mentioned, having been warned of the fact, Blizzard has removed the visibility of the mode by making bombastic statements about not tolerating similar abuses, but the five-letter code that allows you to access it is still active. Be that as it may, moderation has so far been powerless in the face of chance. It is not even known whether the perpetrator was punished in any way.

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