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When it is too hot, as is happening in these first days of August, we generally resort to small but effective tricks to find some refreshment. Among these there is certainly hydration. Drinking water, however, can have pitfalls. Two errors, in particular, should be avoided: drinking too much water with respect to their needs e drinking too fast.

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As for the first point, consuming excessive amounts of water could strain the kidneys in their disposal activity. As a result, sodium levels in the blood could be altered. The phenomenon in question is that ofoverhydration. And so the excess substances that our body usually excretes through urine end up in the body’s cells. So how much water should you drink per day? In reality, there is no one data suitable for everyone, but studies indicate one average of 2 / 2.5 liters per day as a sufficient quantity, including that which is introduced into the body through fruits and vegetables.

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The other mistake to avoid is to drink too quickly, because it is necessary to give the kidneys time to process the water, therefore to work without stress and without an excessive load of liquids. Drinking too fast, by the way, can cause temporary ailments such as vomiting and loss of balance.

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