The day against violence against women in cinema

Today is November 25th and, as many know, the National day against violence against women. The term “femicide”used more commonly in recent years, derives from the English “femicide” and was invented by a criminologist named Diana H. Russell in 1992 when, in an article, she described the killing of a woman by a man only as woman.

In the’cinematographic fieldsituations and related topics are quite recurring and some of these products are able to tell the unfortunately still latent misogynistic aspect.

Some films dealing with violence against women

Fortunately, there are projects that try to give a broader perspective on this phenomenon: from domestic violence to obsessive jealousy, from the nightmare lived to a ruined childhood.

Works of this type can not only give us a new look at the subject, but also remind us of it, keep it alive in the minds of each of us, in the hope that one day the problem can be reduced as much as possible, finding justice in the hearts of those who still he’s looking for her.

Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)

How not to mention this film, perhaps one of the most significant and beautiful about violence against women. In the film we find Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergininspired by the novel of the same name written by Nancy Price.

Laura (Julia Roberts) And Martin (Patrick Bergin) are married and appear to be a perfect, happy and successful couple, but that’s not the case. Martin he is an abusive, obsessive and brutal husband. Laura, on the contrary, lives in terror, in fear and does nothing but think of a way to escape from this nightmare. She will pretend to die to leave, but that’s not enough. In bed with the enemy shows everyday scenes and the emotionsboth positive and negative, that a woman might face within these situations.

Stolen Love (2016)

Inspired by a collection of books written by Dacia Maraini and directed by Irish Braschi. It’s about five women who are all different in age and in other things, but who nevertheless have terrible experiences with a possessive lovea morbid love that often, it leads to many other forms of violence. Women aiming for something different, but bound by this unmotivated aggression.

Showing different types of violence against women, Stolen love is capable of representing many unpleasant situations that occur daily in our society.

Enough (2002)

We know that there are relationships full of torment, misunderstandings and, above all, filled with physical abuse And psychological. Here you are, Away from the nightmaremovies with Jennifer Lopez of 2002, addresses all of this. She tells the story of a waitress, the latter had a not very rosy childhood, in fact, she was abandoned by her father without ever having known her mother. She works in a restaurant Los Angeles, dreams of the classic romance and at one point thinks he has found it with Mitch. However, the latter suffers from a double personality, and she comes abused and threatened.

In addition to the pressure caused by her husband possessive And obsessed, psychological violence is another important theme that he addresses Away from the nightmare.

Tonya (2017)

Treat the story of Tonya Hardingprotagonist in 1994 of one of biggest scandals happened in the United States, to interpret it we find the beautiful and talented Margot Robbie. The film presents itself differently from the classics of the genre, as it features interview segments with the protagonists and some reconstructions of the facts. In the movie, Tonya it comes right away “helped” from his mother to have a career within the world of figure skating.

Yet, her mother comes across as a woman who lacks affection for her daughter and will not show her a modicum of attention. Despite her difficult childhood and adolescence, Tonya will become one of the greatest skaters. In addition to her mother, however, she will already know Jeff Gillooly at a young age (in the film played by Sebastian Stan), whom she will marry to escape from her mother’s abuse. That is until he too ends up abusing her.

This movie puts Tonya at the media center and it is a mix between jealousy, competition And ache. Surely compared to the original story, the story of Harding herself has been changed, but all in all it is understandable given the excellent overall result of the film.

Tonya violence against women

A Promising Woman (2020)

Cassie he decides to abandon his studies and totally change his life, so he starts working in a bar and going to clubs on weekend evenings. The girl uses her deception to prove that every man who approaches her hides a subconscious desire to take advantage of her. This is because Cassie, during her adolescence, experiences a gruesome episode and is shocked by it.

It deserves to be seen because it is a film that shakes consciences, also through a game of looks, words and intentions, and which deals with another type of violence against women, as well as the culture of rape and sexual objectification.

Not just one day, but always

The November 25th was established by the United Nations for “raise awareness” compared to a problem that is unfortunately still very well known, but that is not enough. Every instant of our life must be lived to combat situations of this type, to reflect on our work and to hope for a better society.

Cinema is undoubtedly a very powerful weapon in this sense, always capable of being able to narrate the cultural and social phenomena that afflict modern man, giving us the opportunity, in the case of violence against women, to be able to observe in more detail and with different interpretations one of the deepest wounds of our society.

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