The day they used Cameron Diaz to bring drugs to Morocco

The incident occurred in the 1990s when Cameron was modeling and looking for work in Paris.

It’s been raining since Magnum Cameron Diaz Announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. In fact, one can now see how he promotes his wines on his social networks. Charlie’s Angel’s drink, called “AVALINE,” contains no sugar or additives and is made from 100% organic grapes, as stated in its Instagram bio.

There was a time in the distant past, when the “sweetest thing” in Hollywood was unknown to the world and had no lereles When she wanted to retire, the performer wanted to try her hand at fashion and decided to move to Paris. You got a job yet?Yes, but Mules transport drugs to Morocco. Hallucinations.

This is what the Mask star told Hilary Kerr during an interview with the Second Life podcast: “I was there for a whole year and didn’t work a day,” the actress began, warning that, Like a guy who didn’t want this, he got “a job, but I really think it’s like a mule Bringing drugs to Morocco, I swear to God.

The anecdote occurred in the 1990s, when airport security regulations were, in Diaz’s words, looser than they are today: “They gave me a locked suitcase with my ‘suit’ in it …I open the quotes, I close the quotes,” Cameron explained, noting that upon arriving in Morocco he wondered “What the hell is in that suitcase?” he added.

I am a blonde girl from MoroccoIt was the nineties and I was wearing ripped jeans and platform boots with my hair down. “It was really unsafe,” said the “Mary There’s Something” actress, who managed to walk away from the colorful scene. “I told them: ‘I don’t know, it’s not mine, I don’t know it’s Who’s that,” she said.

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