The Days Gone scandal. I understand the developers, but their attack on Sony is starting to be funny

Let’s start with the fact that I am a huge fan of Days Gone. After completing Deacon’s story for the first time, for a couple of weeks, I didn’t know what game would match it – not even thinking about a position that would beat the title of Bend Studios in its quality. This behavior only shows how good the production was. Well, it still is, because having the PC version on Steam, I often return to the world created by American developers to destroy a few freak nests.

Old wounds

2021 was quite interesting for fans of the brand, because its two most important creators – Jeff Ross and John Garvin – no longer working for Sony, began to reveal a lot of interesting things about their project. They urged players to buy their games at full price, mention the practices of publishers who are blinded by Metacritic ratings, and in the meantime thank them for the huge interest in a possible sequel, which probably isn’t being made at Bend Studio.

Personally, I read with great interest and listened to all conversations about the adventure of a bored motorcyclist. As I suggested above, this is one of the best – in my opinion – games from the previous generation of consoles, so learning more about the details was as tasty as a good, warm pizza. I also liked the initiative (related to the petition) of the players themselves, which was certainly noticed by Sony.

Commercial, silent success?

It seemed that 2022 would be calmer for fans of the brand. For various reasons, Sony may have not given the green light to Days Gone 2 and after Ross and Garvin published a few details – most often – putting the Japanese corporation in a bad light, the situation should calm down. Exactly … should.

The case quieted down considerably in the second half of the previous calendar year, but the director of Days Gone fired again as soon as he heard that Ghost of Tsushima had sold over 8 million copies. This is a satisfying result that has certainly shown the head of PlayStation Studios that Sucker Punch should be given the green light for a full-fledged continuation of Jin Sakai’s adventure.

So far, we don’t know how many people have acquired Days Gone. Jeff Ross decided to stick another Sony pin, saying that while he was still working at Bend Studio, internal statistics showed him that Days Gone had been bought by roughly 8 million players a year and a half after its premiere – which is as much as today Ghost of Tsushima. And then there is last year’s PC debut, which was warmly welcomed. Indeed, even without the publisher’s official announcements, Ross’s project can be considered a commercial success.

If all that was not enough, PlayStation fans have been blaming the bosses for blocking Days Gone 2 for many months. know what all this mess is about.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that Jeff Ross mentioned that the PlayStation bosses didn’t really abandon the sequel as it might not have been introduced to them at all. All presentations allegedly stopped on one of the regional managers who was negative about Days Gone 2. Was it really impossible to highlight this important piece of information at the very beginning of your “crusade”?

Let’s leave the past behind

The situation of Days Gone and the behavior of its most important creators could be talked about endlessly. I dare say that how many people, so many opinions. Listening to Ross’ last thoughts on the “one”, I am moving more and more towards saying that both sides are partly to blame. I am sad that Bend is not currently developing Days Gone 2, and I regret even more that it is due to the low score on Metacritic.

The reviewers here, contrary to Ross’ suggestions, are not to blame for anything. They evaluate what they receive a dozen or so, and in some cases even a few days before the official premiere. All of them were forced to learn Deacon’s adventure with many, even critical errors, and all this was not helped by the fact that the game was quite unstable – especially when riding a motorcycle in more built-up locations. Were it not for a good storyline and interesting mechanics, the average would be even lower – it might not be even 7/10.

The past won’t change and I think Jeff Ross should leave the topic of Days Gone behind. You can see at every step that he put his whole heart into this brand, but bantering with Sony and gradually blaming others for “not accepting” Days Gone 2 will not do him good. He slowly begins to get lost in his “testimony”, which is clearly shown by his statement related to the failure to present the new project to the main people from PlayStation.

Who knows what the future holds. Maybe even Sony has a scenario in mind that Ross and Garvin might come back to the team to develop Days Gone 2 – fans crave the game very much. However, if the director of “one” continues his military journey towards Sony, he can be sure that something like this will not happen for various reasons. And then not only he will be disappointed, but also players who are waiting with flushed faces for a new story focused on Deacon.

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