The deaths of three migrants at the border heighten tensions between Biden administration and Texas International

Tensions are rising between Joe Biden’s administration and Texas over the immigration crisis. Federal and local authorities continue to debate border surveillance with Mexico. The pulse between the two men has become even more acute recently, days after three Mexican immigrants – a young mother and her two children, ages eight and 10 – were killed in Mexico while trying to reach the United States. Drowning in the Rand River. The back-and-forth between the two sides shows that the fight is making one of the most dangerous routes for international migration even deadlier.

The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court on Monday night to intervene in Washington’s lawsuit against Texas over surveillance of the border with Mexico. In their request, federal authorities explained that on Friday, January 12, at approximately 9:00 p.m. (local time), the Mexican government notified Border Patrol that two Mexican migrants were in trouble near the U.S. side of the boat ramp. Border. River. The discovery was in the Shelby Park area of ​​Eagle Pass County, which has become the epicenter of an immigration crisis that threatens Biden in a year when his reelection is on the line.

Mexican officials also reported in communications that three people drowned in the same area an hour earlier (at approximately 8:00 p.m.). “Mexicans did not enter the United States,” Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. The victim, who was originally from the state of Mexico, was not identified at the time. The body was rescued by the National Immigration Institute and the National Guard’s Beta Team.

Agents from the Border Patrol, the federal agency that monitors the 3,000-kilometer border with Mexico, were notified by Mexican authorities and attempted to enter the Shelby Park area that has been guarded by state police since January 11. “Through a closed gate, uniformed members of the Texas National Guard refused to allow Border Patrol supervisors access, citing orders to prevent the group from entering,” the letter to the Supreme Court reads. park.” Stationed guard superiors reported that the orders prevented federal agents from passing through, even in “an emergency.”

Although the Texas National Guard sent some agents to investigate, the immigrants in danger were rescued by Mexican authorities despite being on the U.S. side. They were rescued from the water suffering from hypothermia and returned to Mexico along with two other people who attempted to cross into the United States on Friday night.

The federal government said the incident reflected Texas’ “determined efforts” to control four kilometers of the border. “It’s impossible to say what would have happened if the Border Patrol had normal access to the area, including allowing it to monitor vehicles in the area (…) At least their Mexican counterparts could be assisted in the rescue mission, but Texas Make it impossible,” the Justice Department said.

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The deaths of the three migrants have sparked harsh criticism of Republican Greg Abbott’s government. “This is a tragedy and the state is responsible for it,” Democratic Rep. Henry Cuéllar, one of the most prominent Latinos in the entity, said over the weekend. Verónica Escobar, another Democratic representative in Congress from Texas, said: “Republicans have succeeded in dehumanizing immigrants and therefore have no empathy in cases like this. .”

Lawmaker Escobar recalled Governor Abbott telling a conservative radio host that his administration was doing everything possible to increase border surveillance. “The only thing we’re not doing is shooting immigrants because the Biden administration will accuse us of killing people,” the president said on Jan. 11, a day before the incident in the Rio Grande.

Washington has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the 5th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that temporarily barred the Border Patrol from destroying razor wire installed by agents in Texas. State Attorney General Ken Paxton explained that the appeals court was already moving quickly on the matter, part of the Biden administration’s strategy to change the appeals process.

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