the decision for his health

There is concern for the health of Queen Elizabeth: the Sovereign of England, who has finally recovered from Covid, can no longer neglect the advice of doctors. And that is why an important decision was made, that of never returning to Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth, the decision for her health

Although the Queen has now definitively recovered from Covid, there is great concern for her health at the Palace. For this reason, it seems that a definitive decision has now been taken, to avoid useless efforts to the Sovereign: to remain permanently in Windsor Castle, without returning to Buckingham Palace.

His Majesty, who usually resides in London, has been working from home at Windsor Castle for the past two years, since the pandemic began. After contracting Covid and above all due to the mobility problems that have hit her in the last period, it seems that Elizabeth II is considering making Windsor its official residence.

After all, Buckingham Palace – official royal residence since 1837 – is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment, worth 369 million pounds, which is expected to be completed in 2027. When the modernization works on the palace began, it was expected that the Queen would move. from its private apartments.

It was supposed to be a temporary solutionbut as reported by the Times, it has been decided that Elisabetta will leave the palace permanently to minimize her travels. Her Majesty, who will turn 96 this year, appears to be acknowledging that she is not in great shape, so much so that increasingly persistent rumors say that she herself said she “cannot move” while leaning on her walking stick during a meeting at the castle last month.

Queen Elizabeth, how are you?

The health conditions of Queen Elizabeth, especially in recent months, they have alerted the subjects: the Sovereign last October was hospitalized for tests, after which she was advised a long period of rest. She has in fact canceled her institutional commitments, which she had made fear the worst in her.

Fortunately, however, the Queen never gave up and was back on track, albeit with due precautions. Then a few weeks ago the news of his positive swab at Covid came, and he manifested mild symptoms, similar to those of a classic cold. Also in this case she Elisabetta did not stop completely: she continued to carry out light tasks, without getting too tired.

Now that the worst seems to have passed, Her Majesty is expected to return to Buckingham Palace at least for official celebrations, such as this year’s Platinum Jubilee celebration. In the meantime, however, Elizabeth is enjoying the time lost with her grandchildren: according to what was reported by the Daily MailQueen Elizabeth would have spent last Sunday with the family, to be exact at Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate. Waiting for her were Princess Beatrice of York with Sienna, her baby of 5 months, and the Prince William and Kate Middleton with George, Charlotte and little Louis.

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