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MILAN – Only one disqualified, among the Serie A players, following the last round of the championship: it is Luis MurielofAtalantastopped for a day with a 2,000 euro fine, expelled for “double yellow card for simulating having been subjected to a foul intervention in the opponent’s penalty area and for incorrect behavior towards an opponent”. Among the coaches, a day a Nenad Sakicaccording to Stankovic on the bench of the Sampdoria, expelled in the 89th minute of the match at Cremonese. Two days of disqualification also for Stephen Rapettiathletic trainer of the Romefollowing the excited finale of the match with the Naples: “for having, at the end of the match, assumed a threatening and intimidating attitude towards a player of the opposing team, addressing him with an offensive expression and seeking physical contact with him, prevented only by the intervention of other members of his own club “. Among the companies, fined the Rome from 15,000 euros because of chants against Naples by some fans (“to have his supporters – reads the sports judge’s statement – during the match, sung twice, at 38 ‘of the first half and 22’ of the second half, an insulting chorus of territorial origin towards the supporters of the opposing team; to also have his supporters, at 34 ‘of the second half, directed a beam of laser-light in the direction of the goalkeeper of the opposing team “).

Fine for Lazio and Lecce

Fine of 3 thousand euros per Cremonese (“to have his supporters, in the 46th minute of the second half, he threw a plastic bottle on the pitch); 2 thousand a Lazio (“to have his supporters, at 7 ‘of the second half, thrown a half-full glass into the playing area”), Lecce (“to have his supporters, at 1 ‘of the first half, a smoke bomb was thrown into the playground”); Spice (“by way of strict liability, for having unjustifiably delayed the start of the race by about three minutes”) And Udinese (“for not having prevented, at the end of the first half, the entry into the changing room area of ​​one of his own disqualified players, who, moreover, immediately left, declaring that he did not know that he was forbidden to enter and stop in that area”).

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