The Democratic Party also wages war on “colonialist” streets

You call them, if you want, motions. They are the passion of the Democratic Party, like bulldozers for Salvini. The motions are the quintessence of the emotional left that is all battles of principle. Provided, however, that they do not concern concrete problems such as holes, Tari or buses, which stink and annoy. Almost as much as the citizens.

Thus, in its constant commitment to seem more and more elitist and Martian, the Democratic Party headed another pregnant crusade and asked in the city council in Rome to establish a “Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Italian Colonialism” and to “change the street plaques inspired by colonialism, reporting on them an explanation that refers to historical episodes, mostly criminal ”. Central to the political debate. But let’s make an effort and spare ourselves the equally banal reply of “my lady, but with the bills skyrocketing there are other priorities.” Let’s pretend we are taking it seriously and contesting it analytically.

First, the logistics. It is one thing to dismantle the Axum obelisk and send it back to Ethiopia as a remedial gesture, another is to upset a city. Because in addition to the aforementioned via Amba Aradam, largo Ascianghi, piazza Addis Abeba, via Tembien and via Endertà, there are via Makallè, via Gadames, via Tigrè, viale Eritrea, viale Somalia, viale Libia, via Tripoli, piazza Misurata, via Benadir, via Cirenaica, via Tripolitania, via Migiurtinia, via Asmara, via Massaua, the stop of the Metro B Libia / Gondar … From the African Quarter downwards, it would be a very expensive carpet intervention. The ideal for a municipality that in 2019 recorded 12 billion euros of debt.

Second, the timing. There’s a ludicrous delay on the fad of Black Lives Matter and knocked down statues, kind of like sixty-year-olds discovering Facebook when everyone’s already on TikTok. This stuff was all the rage in 2020. Pulling it out in the week following the center-right’s victory at the polls sounds like a childish spite, like hiding the designer handbags from the ex who took your Rolex away from you, in short. Mariuccia’s kindergarten.

Third, provincialism. More pathetic than Italian operetta colonialism, studded with foolishness – from the “slap of Tunis” to the collapse of Adua – and undeniable atrocities, there is only the attempt to create an epic colonial past of which to feel collectively guilty. In the communiqué of the Democratic Party it is said that “the mute presence of toponyms allows us to continue to enjoy the sense of imperial superiority they are imbued with”. As if the average Italian were bragging at the Eritrean restaurant while he gorges himself on zighinì. How much envy for the comrades of the French, American and English left, who boast centuries of extermination and can now behead the busts of the slaveholders. Here at most the statue of Montanelli gets dirty.

Fourth, the hypocrisy. Which is the basis of the whole speech. Because if the ways that recall the “700 thousand African victims of Italian colonialism” are canceled, then why not broaden the indignation to the victims of Roman colonialism, understood as SPQR? The Giulio Agricola metro station offends the Scots, whose Caledonian ancestors perished at the hands of the general in Britain; that Furio Camillo is an insult to the Volsci passed to the sword in 387 BC Not to mention the Pyramid, that if we were Egyptians we would turn the hieroglyphs to see it there as a mockery. And the Lepanto stop? Islamophobic. Malatesta? Protest the Romagnoli besieged in the fifteenth century. And the Grano stop worries celiacs. And the Finocchio stop … well, no comment.

Five, the political opportunity. Since the elections, the entire Italian left has been in a permanent session of self-analysis and does nothing but repeat how having forgotten the real needs of the “people” in favor of rarefied high ideals has caused the collapse. And in the middle of the examination of conscience here is the anti-colonial campaign, launched with the carelessness with which one would uncork a bottle of wine at the meeting of alcoholics anonymous. The only explanation is that this hymn to cancel culture has another secret objective: to erase, together with the memory of the Horn of Africa, also the memory of the last remaining voters.

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