The deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not rule out closing the border with Belarus

The politician was asked in the RMF FM Morning Interview about the weekend meetings of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who started a series of meetings with European leaders, starting with the heads of governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The interviewer, Robert Mazurek, asked if we were dealing with a ‘coalition of losers’.

” Strengthening the coalition of NATO’s eastern flank ”

– This is not a coalition of losers. This is strengthening the coalition of NATO’s eastern flank, the countries that are most endangered and, at the same time, interested in further actions towards our eastern neighbors, said Marcin Przydacz.

The deputy minister of foreign affairs remarked that at the moment European unity was maintained regarding the crisis on the border. He recalled that last week a decision was made to impose sanctions on Belarus.

Merkel talks

He also referred to the talks between the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenka.

– The fact that Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking for some contacts at the same time is a slightly different matter, said Przydacz. – I think Merkel was aware of the risks in taking her actions. She made this and no other decision and takes full responsibility for it. As the Polish government, we knew about these talks, we were not consulted, and we do not take responsibility for their effects, added the deputy minister.

Closing the border

Deputy Minister Przydacz said that the possibility of a complete closure of the border is being considered if the situation escalates.

– Contrary to what some believe, the border with Belarus is dangerous and there are still attempts by migrants to cross it – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– We are effectively defending the border with Belarus. We are also doing it for Germany, for the Netherlands – emphasized the politician.

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