The despair? Selena Gomez is going to be personally on the shops and buy lots of copies of their new album


Selena Gomez
The us singer Selena Gomez (PHOTO: Playback)

Selena Gomez continues to do all that is possible to gain the top of the stop on the north american and the disk is “Rare”. But, it’s all the same!

Causing amazement in the fans of the pop star decided to visit the stores such as Target, Walmart and Bestbuy in the us for the purchase of your own album in the studio. She even took it to the house with the maximum number of copies possible.

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Selena Gomez even released a video of their visit to the store to shop, accompanied by a group of friends. “One more day to see if I can buy the most albums possible,”said to be the king.

“I’m kind of desperate to do this to you? I don’t care, because this album is just so… rarecame to admit, to name a few. Check it out below:

In the course of the week of the release, the talk Selena Gomez on the relationship of the stations has changed. In the beginning, she snapped that it was not a matter of numbers and that the numbers were important to you.

Soon after, it had been assumed that there is, in the race for the 1st spot of the Billboard 200 (the main stop of the disk). “I found out that my album won with another amazing artist. I’ve said this to people before, it’s not about the numbers, but I do love the music, the most important thing that I’ve ever launched would be # 1. So, please, please, please, make a pop-up. Or to listen on all platforms, it would mean the world to the world. I’ve dreamed of this for so long”he said.

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“Rare” is competing for the top backup for the backup “Plese Excuse Me For Being Antisocial,” of[theRoddyRicchTheinitialforecastreportedthatitwillshutdownfortheweekwithsalesofover110thousandunitsanequivalentbutthenumberisexpectedtorise



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