the desperate appeal of the family to those who saw it

A 13-year-old from Noventa Vicentina was last seen on the bus that would take her to school. Then we lost track of it

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“Help us find again Glory. She is only 13 years old ”. With these simple words, the family of the very young girl – who disappeared in the Vicenza area almost ten days ago – launched an appeal live on national Who has seen?the Rai 3 program that deals with missing persons.

When was Gloria last seen in Noventa Vicentina

The 13-year-old was last seen walking out of her parents’ home in Noventa Vicentina last September 14 to go to school.

He would take the bus to go to the vocational school he attended in Lonigobut she would never enter the classroom.

Traces of the young woman have been lost. So the father and his sisters decided to contact the editorial staff of Federica Sciarelli.

The appearance of Gloria, the 13-year-old disappeared in the province of Vicenza

The 13-year-old is tall 1.60, she has green eyes, brown hair and a nose piercing on her right nostril. She is very well looked after.

At the time of the disappearance Gloria was wearing one suit sporty bluewhite sneakers with the brand Nike, one backpack red Eastpack.

The young woman is particularly active on socialbut the phone – with a silver glitter cover – from which it never came off, is now turned off.

The hypotheses about Gloria’s disappearance while she was going to school in Lonigo

There is speculation that there has been a removal volunteer at the basis of Gloria’s disappearance. You may have reached another town in the province of Vicenza by bus, and then took a train to who knows where.

“Please come home, we love you and we are very worried about you ”, declared a tried dad Michele in front of the cameras of Who has seen?.

Vicenza, 13 year old who disappeared while going to school: the desperate appeal of the family to those who saw himPhoto source: ANSA

The presenter Federica Sciarelli, face of Who has seen it.

A few arrived right away reports live. There are those who would have seen Gloria in Lombardy, where perhaps she would go to meet someone. And where she might be as a guest.

However, every hypothesis remains pure speculation, and every trail remains open. In this scenario, the most desirable, the 13-year-old would just run away from home, perhaps to make a spite to the family.

The hope is that the broadcast of Rai 3, one of the spearheads of the public service, will be able to solve this case as well.


Photo source: ANSA

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