The developed smartphone vivo saw the light of day

vivo is not slowing down. The manufacturer records great results in subsequent lists of smartphones delivered to the market, but this does not mean that it can rest on its laurels. It seems that the brand wants to take another milestone – its engineers are working on the first smartphone under development.

vivo has reasons to be happy

Vivo’s recent streak should not surprise anyone. Customers are becoming more and more aware of the brand, and this is due to the well-thought-out strategy of the manufacturer. Its portfolio includes mainly cheap and medium-shelf devices, which account for the lion’s share of devices sold, and as a result, it allows it to climb the ranking of the largest manufacturers.

This does not mean, however, that there is no ambition to conquer the highest price and quality shelf. The best example of this is the vivo X70 Pro +, which appears to be an extremely successful model, having nothing to be ashamed of when facing the best devices on the market. It just shows that the company’s ambitions are great, and the engineers’ possibilities are really big.

The vivo smartphone under development may soon hit the market

In May 2021, the Chinese manufacturer submitted an extremely interesting patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization. The application remained undisclosed until yesterday, but after its publication on December 2, 2021, it was finally found. The result is information about a potential new device under development.

vivo prepares equipment that resembles OPPO X 2021 in the patent graphics. This should not surprise anyone – after all, both brands belong to the same group BBK Electronics, which also includes realme and OnePlus. Remember, however, that the mentioned OPPO model did not have its commercial premiere, so it is not really known what to expect from vivo.

There are many question marks, especially since the patent application does not reveal any details of the technical specification. However, it can be expected that it will be a top device in terms of performance.

vivo rollable extendable extendable
(source: 91mobiles)

The patent drawings show that the “backbone” of this structure will be the left edge, seen from the front. It is from this body that the screen is to slide out (to the right), thus enlarging the working space. After the display is fully expanded, the device takes the form of a mini-tablet.

The graphics also show that the speakers are placed on both the upper and lower edges, where there is also a place for the USB-C connector. On the right edge there is a volume control and a switch, the shape of which in the pictures suggests that it can integrate a fingerprint reader.

vivo rollable extendable extendable smartphone
(source: 91mobiles)

An unusual place is taken by the selfie camera, which is located in the upper right corner of the display. On the other hand, you can see a classic island with at least two cameras, the specification of which remains unknown at the moment.

vivo rollable extendable extendable
(source: 91mobiles)

Due to the fact that the project is still at the patent stage, it is difficult to predict when we can expect the premiere of this smartphone. Despite the quite detailed documentation and experience of the sister OPPO, it may turn out that a lot of time will pass before vivo commercializes this type of project.

However, I hope that it will happen as soon as possible, because I must admit that this form of the device under development appeals to me the most – I am waiting for the market for this type of equipment.

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