The Developer of Marvel’s Spider-Man Spoke About an Interesting Easter Egg That No One Had Found. It Is About the Jews

AT Marvel’s Spider-Man quite a lot of interesting easter eggs, which we described in our separate article. However, one of the easter eggs, if you believe the words of Insomniac Games employee Elan Ruskin (Elan Ruskin), no one could find. He recently posted it on Twitter and gave details.

In the open world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can meet two non-player characters – Jews sitting at the table. But if you start the game on Saturday, these two characters will not appear in the game. This is due to the long tradition of the Jews called Shabbat. On Saturday, the Torah (teaching) orders the Jews to refrain from work.

Recall that the other day, the developers of Marvel’s Spider-Man found another interesting Easter eggs, though not in their game, but in The Division 2. There they discovered the Spider-Man backpack, which serves as a reference to their game.

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