The diocese of La Spezia has suspended Don Giulio Mignani, a parish priest known for being in favor of the civil rights of homosexual couples, abortion and euthanasia

On Monday, with a press release, the Diocese of La Spezia announced the suspension of Don Giulio Mignani from the public celebration of the sacraments. Mignani is a priest from a small Ligurian town, Bonassola, and is known for his favorable positions towards various civil rights, including those of non-traditional families and the freedom of choice on issues such as termination of pregnancy and euthanasia. : the diocese has motivated the decision to suspend Don Mignani by arguing that his “public statements” are not “in conformity with the Magisterium of the Church”.

The diocese of La Spezia is led by bishop Luigi Ernesto Palletti, who had already admonished Mignani for his positions and statements. Last year, during a Sunday mass, Don Mignani refused, for example, to bless the palms as a protest against the ban on blessing the unions of same-sex couples.

In 2017, however, he publicly contested the controversial “anti-gender” desk promoted by the Liguria Region, already chaired by Giovanni Toti of Forza Italia. Despite his warnings, Don Mignani has always reaffirmed and defended his positions, arguing that they were neither offensive nor polemical towards the Church, but rather aimed at strengthening its role and credibility in contemporary society.

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