The Diputación launches assistance for the investigation and protection of provincial property

The Official Gazette of the Province published this Monday four calls for aid and awards to promote research, conservation, dissemination by the Provincial Council of Albacete through the Provincial Council of Albacete Studies ‘Don Juan Manuel’ (autonomous body dependent on the Institute) have been published. and the compilation of the provincial heritage, as manifested in the Statutes of this Center, with the aim of contributing to the social and cultural development of Albacete.

These lines of subsidies, endowed with €79,500 in this edition, can be requested through the IEA digital platform ( from 23 May to 5 July. They are intended for projects for the development of research on the local archaeological heritage (€40,000); to conduct research in eleven different areas (€26,000); and producing an inventory of relics relating to the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship (€5,500) in addition to four awards for research (€8,000).

Grants for Research Projects on Local Archaeological Heritage

Thus, the first of the calls, ‘Grants for the development of research projects on local archaeological heritage related to provincial issues’, involves the development of archaeological interventions and material studies referring to sites in the province, and to both municipalities of Albacete. as well as its affiliated entities, and natural or legal persons whose work is aimed at the investigation and development of the Albacete archaeological heritage.

Co-financing of up to 90% is available with a maximum of €7,000 per project. Compatible with aid or subsidy from public or private entities other than the Provincial Council or IEA as long as the amount does not exceed 100% of the subsidized activity.

Research Grants in 11 Categories

For its part, the line of ‘2023 research grants’, designed to finance original projects (that have not previously been presented financially in subsidies or in other instances), brings together the following categories: Geology, Albacete Ecosystem, History of Albacete, Botany, Fauna, Education and Environment, Philology, History of Art, Archeology and Prehistory, Geography and Social Science, and Ethnography.

In this section, natural persons, groups of natural persons or research teams, as well as legal entities, public or private, are considered as beneficiaries, who are able to submit a single application per participant up to a maximum amount of € 2,000. Will choose the option of

Also, in this case, researchers below the age of 35 will be positively discriminated against in the rating section corresponding to the resume.

Assistance with obtaining an inventory of relics related to the Civil War and Dictatorship

In relation to ‘Assistance for the realization of an inventory of relics relating to the Civil War and Dictatorship’, competing projects must establish three categories: Honor and Distinction, Public and Street Places and Singular Symbols, indicating the type of mark This is the historical period in the province.

In this Call for Aid, the Institute for Albacete Studies includes among its beneficiaries legal entities and individuals (of any nationality and legal age) and non-profit associations.

Endowed with a maximum of €5,500 per selected project, the seeking of this subsidy shall be incompatible with the submission of an application for ‘Aid for Research’, and attendance at the IEA Research Awards.

Research Awards for the Year 2023

Finally, this ‘Call for Research Awards for the Year 2023’ considers 4 modalities: ‘Don Juan Manuel’ award for young researchers (under 35 years of age); Albacete History Prize; Natural Science Prize and Social Science Prize.

It is targeted at any number of researchers (with the exception of those recognized in the previous two editions) and has a maximum amount of €2,000 per winning work. It should be noted that the submitted documents must address issues related to the province of Albacete and cannot exceed 250 pages in Spanish.

To apply for any of these grants, interested individuals must complete the procedures through the IEA website (,Completion of the competent electronic form for this purpose and attach the necessary documents in each case.

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