the director of Blonde reacts to the criticism against the film with Ana De Armas

New chapter linked to one of the most discussed and controversial films of this cinematic 2022. Let’s talk about Blondethe “biopic” on Marilyn Monroe starring Ana De Armas. Based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oatesmany have strongly contested the representation of the famous diva and it has even been said that «Blonde it’s the most detestable movie I’ve ever seen».

He obviously doesn’t think so Andrew Dominik, director of the film who in recent months has already found himself defending his work with his teeth. During a meeting at Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, he admitted that he was taken aback by the audience’s initial response to his film.

Dominik was expecting «a critical success, and then that no one would see it. I’m used to this stuff, movies that get a positive reaction from the critics but then people don’t see it». For Blonde however the exact opposite has occurred, at least in America. At the meeting, he added: «In America is where it was worst. They hated the movie. They were angry, outraged, but a lot of people saw it. I was very surprised by this». There was no shortage of criticism either, of course, but for the director of Blonde «they only hurt you if you agree. And I don’t agree with anything you said, I think the movie is great».

Going into the merits of how Marilyn Monroe was shown, he then added: «You can’t really put yourself to guessing what they’re thinking on their own, but I think when it comes to an American icon, what they want are the hagiographiesthey want the celebration of that person and that it is according to the customs of the time». Blondehowever, is not a rereading that takes modern themes into account such as female empowerment.

«We are living in an age where it is very important to show women as strong, and they want to reinvent Marilyn Monroe as a strong womanthat’s what they want to see» emphasized Dominik. For this reason, a slice of the public did not like Blonde: «Americans don’t like it when they play too much with their myths. Often they want to jump straight to the solution without considering the traumas».

And to those who believe that he exploited Marilyn’s image, he countered by saying that since she is dead, the film can’t make much difference to him. Instead “what they mean is that the film exploits her memory and her image, which is fine with us. This is the very idea of ​​the film, it tries to take the iconography of his life and put it at the service of something else. Try to take things you are familiar with e reverse its meaning».

What do you think of the words of the director of Blonde? Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments.

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