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the director will search for the reasons of the flop of the film on Harley Quinn

Cathy Yan breaks the silence and speaks of the little success achieved by the film with Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn

It has been two months from the distribution of Birds of Prey in italy and the us. A movie, the one with the protagonist Margot Robbie in the iconic role of Harley Quinn, from which we expected probably more, from the point of view of scripture, but especially the one regarding the collections. Knows the director of the work, Cathy Yanwho has decided to break the silence through The Hollywood Reporter to talk about his feelings related to the film, in what is called a flop by many people, but that is still been appreciated by the fanbase.

I know that the studio had very high expectations for the film – like all of us. There were also expectations for a film on female driving, and what I was most disappointed in was the idea that maybe the movie showed that we were not yet ready for this. I think there were certainly different ways to interpret the success or the failure of the movie, and everyone has the right to do so. But I also believe that all have been far too quick to come to a conclusion.

Cathy Yan continues, emphasizing how Bird of Prey is definitely a flop if compared to the giants of DC and Marvel.

Birds of Prey it is not a superhero movie standards, and should not be judged as such, but there is something more to consider when you look at the language used to talk about it. On Twitter, some people have compared as some titles have addressed the common thought on Birds of Prey with respect to the language used to describe a film with a budget similar and a similar radius of action, which is Le Mans in ’66.

In the case of Le Mans in ’66, the opening weekend has been described as a “race to the top” or as the debut “strong,” with 31 million dollars received, while Birds of Prey was accompanied by words like “disappointment” and “off-road” with a collection of slightly better than $ 33 million.

Birds of Prey
: advance digital output for the Coronavirus

The chinese director a naturalized citizen of the united states has then concluded by saying:

The two films have a budget similar and both are smaller films with an inclination that is oriented to action (even if Le Mans ’66 presents auto racing rather than fights). Ford v Ferrari, he then had something that Birds of Prey had not in terms of recall, that is, two stars such as Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the lead roles. You can also argue that they are both niche film, but at Le Mans in ’66 and has been praised for her modest collection at the box office, while Birds of Prey is mocked for the same dollar amount.


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