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The Federation would have discovered that Red Bull has spent more than allowed in 2021: a sensational overrun of the budget cap set at 145 million

The avalanche mounts, envelops the Singapore paddock. It surrounds the premises occupied by the International Federation, the hospitality areas for the teams. It risks overwhelming the entire F1. A huge damage to the image. Everyone talks about it, waiting for the official: avalanche triggered by the FIA ​​itself, after discovering that Red Bull would spend more than allowed in 2021. A sensational overrun of the budget cap (set at 145 million euros per team) for last year.

The significance and weight of this alleged infringement are relevant. In fact, we are talking about apillar of the regulation

which should guarantee a sort of equity between the teams, limiting the excessive power of the wealthiest teams. Not only that: the infringement refers to a season, the past one, in which any technical development was almost impracticable, being the cars substantially identical to those of 2019. Enough to exaggerate the suspicion that the overruns taking place this year, with cars completely redesigned and continuously evolved, it can be much more marked.

After all, that the budget cap is a potential own goal seems evident for a long time,
given the displacement systems of technicians and costs to entities that operate outside the teams, which makes any control difficult.

The fact is that the FIA ​​would have been able to complete the analysis of the investments made by a single team, Red Bull precisely, only now, 10 months after the end of the 2021 World Cup, the outcome of which, moreover, was favorable to Verstappen, at the end of a long head-to-head with Hamilton, culminating in the highly contested final act in Abu Dhabi. They are pawing, of course, in the Mercedes house. Toto Wolff wants to know the how and when, ready to do battle. An attitude similar to that of Ferrari, after the repeated alarms on the budget cap issue launched by Mattia Binotto in recent months. A communication from the Federation was expected on the eve of the Singapore GP, while the news of the detected infringement was also beginning to circulate on the upper floors of Liberty Media.

Now, this further delay leads many team principals to speculate that a compromise is being sought to reduce to a minimum the extent of the violation, therefore of the sanction, ultimately of the scandal. An almost impossible undertaking if the crime is made public, precisely because it would set a very serious and alarming precedent on what happened during 2022 and on the efficiency of federal controllers, slow to the point of taking almost a year to complete a single investigation.

So, tensions and embarrassments on the eve of the race that could give Verstappen, a Red Bull driver, the second world title. While the hypothesis circulates that two championships, 2021 and 2022, are distorted. According to typical custom, communications are expected that are the result of compromises and restorative exchange stones. But already in this way, waiting for the avalanche to advance with suffocated intensity, the debris is counted

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