The DIZO brand is going like a storm. realme can make hits!

DIZO is a sub-brand recently launched by realme that has achieved lightning-fast success in India. It’s only a matter of time until DIZO’s smartwatches, headphones and other accessories are delivered to Poland.

Smartphone manufacturers cannot sit still if they do not establish at least one sub-brand – even if they used to be or are now subordinate to other entities. realme is a young creator who is not yet fully independent, but has nevertheless launched a brand called DIZO.

DIZO from realme with first success

DIZO deals with smartwatches, headphones and various other accessories sold only in India for the time being. The choice of this huge market turned out to be a bull’s eye, because the company is already triumphing – it has just been praised that The million customer bubble burst.

How quickly was such a record achieved? Well, the pace is really impressive because Only 5 months have passed since the brand’s birthday. As you can see, not only realme and Xiaomi tend to grow astronomically – customers are still absorbing new companies and opening up to new gadgets.

A strong back in the form of realme will come in handy DIZO, because provide technological projects and the necessary marketing. For example – DIZO Watch 2 is in fact a rebranded realme smartwatch, which sold 100,000 copies in 40 days from its premiere. Without realme, such a result would be impossible.

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