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The incident took place on Thursday, November 18. A speeding motor hit a 40-year-old electrician. Doctors confirmed the man’s death, after which his body was transported to the hospital morgue.

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India. A 40-year-old man woke up in the morgue

The next day, the workers placed the body in a cold store. Almost seven hours later, when the police were about to fill out the “panchama”, a document signed after the family recognized the body and agreeing to an autopsy, signs of life in the man were noticed by his sister-in-law, reports The Economic Times. According to the service, she noticed that the 40-year-old moved. Family members notified the medical team about this, and the patient was immediately transferred to hospital for treatment.

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The patient’s family said they would file a negligence complaint

Dr. Shiv Singh, the chief physician of the City of Moradabad, said: “The doctor on duty saw the patient at 3am and there was no pulse. He examined it many times. He was then pronounced dead, but in the morning the police team and the family discovered he was still alive. An investigation has been ordered. Our priority now is to save his life, quotes The Economic Times.

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Currently, the 40-year-old is in a health center in the town of Meerut in the north of India. The man’s sister-in-law announced that the family would file a negligence complaint. She stressed that the patient had been placed in a cold store and that he might have died.

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