The doctor refuses to visit him for fear of Covid, a student dies at 26 of an ear infection

He dies after i doctors refuse to see him. The law student David Nash26, died for a brain stem abscess after theinfection that he had developed atear it has spread. The young man had tried several times to be examined, but always found the opposition of doctors because of the security measures for the Covid.

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The case

The boy had started to feel bad, but for fear that his malaise was linked to Covid, no doctor has ever visited him, only doing telephone therapies. The 26 year old from Yorkshire started to develop lumps due to the infection which created abscesses. His condition quickly worsened in 3 weeks but his doctor never wanted to see him, nor did he prescribe tests to do, only giving him pain medications.

David, who tested negative for Covid at the time, had four phone appointments during his illness and was prescribed codeine for pain. But the drugs did not seem to make him feel better, so the family called an ambulance that took him to the hospital where he died a few hours later. Today the father wants justice to be done: “What we know is that a couple of days before his death, he most likely started developing a brain abscess due to ear infection”, he explained to a local TV .

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An investigation opened

The family has decided to file a complaint and an investigation will be opened on the case. His loved ones are convinced that if he had been examined, the doctor would have noticed the seriousness of the infection and would have prescribed drugs that could have saved his life. David’s would not be the first case, so the fear of contracting Covid and the security measures adopted during the pandemic, have caused other pathologies to worsen or not be taken into consideration, with implications, at times, as in his case, even dramatic ones.

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