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He has the biggest penis in the world and laments: I can't find a job, sometimes I sit on it!
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Jonah Falcon honestly about his record birth

Jonah Falcon, introducing himself as the man with the largest penis in the world, was a guest on the popular British morning show “This Morning”. He talked about the shadows and highlights of his unique physiognomy, and he complained that having such a body was sometimes painful. He also shocked the leaders, who showed his masculinity in all its glory.

Jonah Falcon claims that his penis at rest measures about 21.5 cm, and when he has an erection, it lengthens up to 34 cm, which is to make it the longest penis in the world. The American aspiring actor recently appeared in the popular British breakfast box “This Morning” broadcast on ITV and immediately shocked the host couple by showing them a photo of his naked penis. “Oh my God!” the presenter Josie Gibson exclaimed. In turn, co-host of the show, Phillip Schofield, jokingly congratulated Falcon: “Well done!” The conversation, however, focused primarily on the difficulties that the owner of the giant masculinity faces on a daily basis. He recalled a situation that once happened to him at the airport, when the services did not want to let him through the gates because they thought he had hidden something suspicious in his pants. He also admitted that celebrities often ask him for sex because they are curious about the possibilities Falcon has. The bisexual man, however, declared that he was now in the search for true affection.

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The owner of the record-breaking penis also revealed that, although he never pinched his penis with a trouser zipper, he sometimes sits on it, which is extremely painful. I wonder if such an accident happened to another record holder in this field, i.e. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from Mexico, who claims that his penis is to be the longest in the world, supposedly measuring as much as 48 cm!

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He has the biggest penis in the world and laments: I can't find a job, sometimes I sit on it!
Jonah Falcon is proud of his manhood


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