the draped fringe, what is it

With the arrival of summer, seasonal trends are followed and the hair look side focuses above all on the draped fringe, also loved on red carpets and therefore by celebrities.

The hair trend of summer 2022: the draped fringe
Credits: Chris Appleton / Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

For each face its ideal fringe, but the one that dictates the trend for the summer is the daughter of curtain bangs, very popular among celebrities and which has animated several red carpets in recent months. The last is that of the Cannes Film Festivalwhere the stars have not been able to give up beauty influences. But it seems that the most popular fringe of the summer is that draped. Once again, celebrities suggest hair trends, some via social media and others at social events. But the catwalk also plays its part: models like Emily Ratajkowski also inflamed the show thanks to the precious beauty look.

draped fringe
Credits: Chris Appleton / Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

It is called a draped fringe because, unlike the curtain fringe that enhances the look even more by touching the lashes, frames the entire face giving it more harmony. This type of cut therefore foresees to completely wrap the face, like a frame on both sides. It can be understood as a kind of very long tuftwhich frees the forehead and enhances the features of one’s face even more.

Draped fringe, the new obsession trend of summer 2022

One of the very first stars to launch this trend is Jennifer Lopez. The singer takes great care of her hair, often relying on the hands of experts, and in recent months she has launched the trend of draped fringe. By carefully scrutinizing his Instagram account, you will have the demonstration of what has been said so far. JLo has very long hair, but it is the fringe that frames his face that does it justice.

draped fringe
Credits: Chris Appleton / Jennifer Lopez / Kim Kardashian / Instagram

A perfect trick for the summer: apply the balayage to the strands that make up the draped fringe, in order to make them brighter compared to the rest of the foliage. As a result, the face will also shine in a different light.

draped fringe
Credits: Instagram

This type of fringe, in addition to being extremely glamorous, is also practical thanks to its uniform length which camouflages itself perfectly with the rest of the hair. Also for this it requires one less maintenance. How to make the most of it? Definitely with a collectedas shown on the Cannes red carpet by stars like Eva Longoria. The actress pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail, framing her face with a draped fringe. Summer wants above all ponytail (medium or high) e chignonfor the most imaginative even artistic ones.

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