The Dropout, Amanda Seyfried tells her Elizabeth Holmes

During a recent interview, Amanda Seyfried talked about her experience on the set of the Hulu miniseries The Dropoutin which she plays Elizabeth Holmes, the tech entrepreneur who passed from the pages of Forbes to the judicial chronicles after her conviction for fraud and criminal association.

The Dropoutin fact, tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her company, Theranos: the entrepreneur went into the news for claiming to have developed a new technology that would revolutionize the way blood tests are doneby taking just a few drops. Theranos’ decline began in 2015, when a series of journalistic investigations and inspections revealed doubts about the company’s promises and Holmes was charged with fraud and conspiracy to deceive investors and the government of the United States.

In the trailer for The Dropout released a few months ago, we saw the first images of Amanda Seyfried as Holmes, in the television adaptation of the podcast of the same name with Rebecca Jarvis produced by ABC News.

There was always a moment when I thought I’d washed my hands of itlike when we finished shooting and I thought: Ok, that’s good, it’s overa” Seyfried told the microphones of variety. “Poi creeped up on me again when we started talking about the show with the press, and later my interest returned to its peak when she was convicted at the beginning of the yearbecause Rebecca and Taylor (the producers of the podcast) kept me updated in real time, and therefore my interest resurfaced“.

I think it’s all due to the fact that it was an intense experience for me”explained the actress, who recently joined the cast of The Crowded Room, the new Apple TV+ series with Tom Holland. ”It will certainly never be as intense as it was for her… but for the purposes of our story, I gave my all and enjoyed doing it, so I needed a break. I often think about her, what I really know about her and wonder if she’s making something up or what she’s thinking“.

Alongside Amanda Seyfried, Naveen Andrews will play Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, Elizabeth’s partner and chief operating officer of Theranos, the company of which the woman was CEO. The British actor also confirmed that he is “emotionally involved” with respect to the legal proceedings of the case that will lead to the small screen.

In contrast, the creator of the television adaptation, Elizabeth Meriwether said she managed to curb her almost obsessive interest in the story: “I’ve had enough” has explained. “Of course I want to know what’s next, and I know that every person in my life will message me with every new update, like they do now. But I’ve spent three years of my life on this story and I feel it’s time to move on“.

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