The drug molnupiravir will lead to fewer hospitalizations

As emphasized by prof. Zajkowska, both molnupiravir and paxlovid produced by Pfizer (to be available in Poland a bit later, as it must be approved by the EMA), have a very similar principle of operation.

“These are drugs that affect the replication of the virus. They are used when we are dealing with the early stage of the disease. To be used when we are up to a few days after the infection and the appearance of symptoms” – she emphasized in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

She indicated that remdesivir works in a similar way, but that it must be administered intravenously. The indicated specifics are oral medications that can be used at home.

“Ultimately, it will most likely be prescribed by primary care physicians. These tablets are prescribed to the patient for five days, when the virus multiplies in the body. The idea is to stop this multiplication so that the virus does not cause inflammation” – she explained.

There will be less hospitalization

Prof. Zajkowska indicated that the goal was to alleviate the course of the disease. This is to be followed by a reduction in the number of hospitalized patients.

“Molnupiravir offers a false rule. The RNA material of a virus, in order to replicate, needs this RNA. This drug offers a” lopsided block “that makes this record less readable, false, flawed. Such a” broken “copy causes the virus to stop. The drug gives the wrong letter and the reproduction of the virus is stopped. The less virus in the body, the smaller the chance of causing inflammation, and therefore much smaller health effects of the infection “- said Prof. Zajkowska.

She added that the only problem is the time window in which the drug must be administered.

“Unfortunately, many patients have a runny nose for two weeks, then struggle with a headache, and realize that they are infected with coronavirus when half of the lungs are occupied. Then this drug is no longer needed, because you have to fight not the virus, but the inflammation that is a consequence of multiplication in the body “- she explained.

However, she admitted that doctors had high hopes for new drugs that are coming into use. Oral tablets are much easier to use on a mass scale than intravenous antiviral drugs.

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