The Drwala burger is available from today (November 22) in several McDonald’s restaurants in Poland [LISTA]

McDonald's Restaurant
McDonald’s Restaurant | photo by Dominik Wąsik

Officially, the premiere of the Burger Drwala sandwich in McDonald’s restaurants will take place on Wednesday, November 24. There are one exceptions. From today, Lumberjack is available in several restaurants in Poland.

Lumberjack at McDonald’s two days before the premiere

Many McDonald’s customers are looking forward to the premiere of the Burger Drwala sandwich, which will return to the McDonald’s menu on Wednesday, November 24. Customers will have a choice of 5 different variants of the Drwal sandwich: with beef, double beef, cranberry, chicken and a spicy version.

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McDonald’s made a surprise for Drwal fans. The sandwich appeared in McDonald’s restaurants two days before the official premiere. From today (November 22), Drwala Sandwich can be bought in several McDonald’s restaurants in Poland. Address List:

  • McDonald’s Warszawa ul. Łopuszańska 2
  • McDonald’s Warszawa ul. Wiertnicza 35
  • McDonald’s Mogilany ul. Krakowska 24A

The McDonald’s Polska network did not inform about such action. Information about the available Drwala sandwich was provided by the restaurant’s customers. The Burger Drwala sandwich will be available in other McDonald’s restaurants in Poland from November 24.

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