The duel between “Justin Bieber and Strome” leaves Internet users hallucinating

As with every summer, there are many changes to the small screen’s programming schedule. And if some programs disappear during the sunny season, others are making a comeback. This is the case of “Ninja Warrior”. On July 7, the famous TF1 game made its return with a busy episode. The competition, always presented by Denis Brogniart, Iris Mittenaere and Christophe Beaugrand, welcomed new entrants, who side by side with the famous course full of loopholes. You’ll have to persevere and be fast to have any hope of winning the contest!

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For this big comeback, the TF1 teams have specially spiced up the game with new rules. Thus, the competition is divided into duels. 38 men and 10 women will compete in the episode in hopes of qualifying to face the “Ninja Warriors” veterans. There’s been added a brand new challenge… Underwater: Poseidon’s Gate. Target ? Free diving through three glass walls! Thereafter only top 6 men and top 2 women will challenge the ninja warrior legends.

During a previous episode of Ninja Warrior, a candidate in disguise and baptized White Eagle was eliminated, shocking internet users who were not convinced of the “cheating” allegations against him.

a conflict like no other

Thus the competition resumes with a vengeance this Friday, July 14, 2023. And for a national holiday evening, TF1 immediately announced color with lots of high-flying duels. First, viewers met Lillian and Sacha, two different sized candidates, but at the same playing level. Then again, it was Dean Gerald, 59 and in this 8th season, who impressed internet users with his performance. Next, the women’s duel over which Mary and Chloe brawled stuns Webb.

But it’s actually the fourth duel that has internet users in a tizzy as, hold on tight, Strome and Justin Bieber embark on the legendary “Ninja Warrior” course! No, no, you are not dreaming… or almost not! Indeed, on one hand, we had Justin Bieber’s official double, 27-year-old Dylan. Andrew, 29, on the other hand, looks a lot like Stromae. Essentially, on Twitter, internet users were hallucinating!

In front of TF1’s cameras, during the filming of their portraits, the two youths played a game of mock showcase and wild dance, not forgetting the photo shoot. But once on the course, it was not to be scoffed at. It must be said that in addition to being lookalikes, Dylan and Andrew are also very athletic…well, not that much.

After a few seconds, Dylan, aka Justin Bieber, was the first to fall and thus was eliminated. Then Andrew, aka Strome, only paused for seconds before collapsing. Never mind, the moon sequence made “Ninja Warrior” fans laugh!

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