The Dutch are deliberately infected with the coronavirus to … receive a sanitary pass

As of Thursday, all of the Netherlands has been marked in dark red on the European coronavirus risk map. The following days bring records of Covid-19 cases, and hospitals cancel planned treatments to find a place for the rapidly growing number of infected.

Meanwhile, websites have appeared on the Internet offering the possibility of becoming infected with the coronavirus. The websites arrange meetings between coronavirus patients and healthy people so that the latter can fall ill. The NOS portal confirms that over a dozen such websites have been closed in the last few days.

Why do healthy people decide to take this step? The Sanitary Pass, or QR code, can now be obtained in three cases: after vaccination, testing negative for the virus, and after passing the disease.

The government is considering introducing a solution so that a negative test result does not qualify for a pass. For people who do not want to be vaccinated, it will only be possible to obtain it after they have become ill.

– We see the consequences of the pandemic in the hospital every day

– Virologist Annemiek van der Eijk from the Erasmus MC University Hospital in Rotterdam told the portal. In her opinion, people who decide to become infected voluntarily commit a crime. “This is the cheek to all those who have been involved in fighting the pandemic for over a year and a half,” says the virologist.

The matter became so serious that the Ministry of Health ordered it to be examined by the Health and Youth Inspectorate. –

– We will use all legal means to fight this

Minister Hugo de Jonge said on Friday.

Source: PAP,

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