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It is not the first time you have come to the island. Having already a knowledge of the area is certainly something that will benefit you and not a little.

«This aspect certainly helps because the island, compared to the mainland, already has its own peculiar characteristic, which connotes the entire administrative life of the institution, the social fabric and the culture of the population. Getting in tune with this system is very important to better understand the mechanisms, face and try to solve the problems that are represented. I have already been commissioner on the island of Ischia on three previous occasions, so I know in depth all the peculiar aspects that the island presents. Although I am sorry when political problems lead to the dissolution of the city council and the consequent appointment of a commissioner, it is a pleasure to return to the island because I work passionately here. The problems that the island’s territory presents are important and are very close to citizenship. The feeling of being able to do something to improve the response of the institutions to citizens is a compelling challenge ».

You have already been to Casamicciola, which in the meantime suffered the wound of the earthquake. However, you have gained experience with the problems of the earthquake because you were commissioner in Lacco Ameno.

«My previous experience in Casamicciola lasted only ninety days, because the Municipality was dissolved a few months before the elections. Therefore, in that case the commissioner manages the life of the institution in a very limited way, because the main task is to lead the administration to the electoral appointment. I faced and met the earthquake problem in Lacco Ameno, where my commissioner lasted a little longer. With the structure of the then Commissioner Schilardi, we had begun an important collaboration, which had the aim of trying to speed up the procedures, which unfortunately are still going on since 2017. In the meantime, the commissioner structure has a new guide, the Hon. Legnini. I made a first contact with him, and we already agree on the speed of the interventions that, as head of the administration of Casamicciola, I certainly intend to carry out “.

It is said that a prefectural commissioner limits himself to managing the ordinary. Having to deal with problems such as the earthquake requires a commissioner to “overturn” the usual modus agendi?


«In my opinion it expands it, it does not distort it. The ordinary management of an entity certainly does not provide for the management of an exceptional problem, a calamitous event of the gravity we are talking about. It is an extra burden, which will certainly add to what is already the setting up of the ordinary commissioner management. The life of the institution must be carried on, we must respond to all services to citizens, organize the administrative machinery to make it work better and better. Therefore, the aspect of the earthquake will not replace the “institutional missions” of a prefectural commissioner. It is a further commitment that I hope to be able to carry out in the best possible way, well aware of the fact that it will be an additional burden. It is an important burden, on which the Prefect of Naples is very keen; for this reason, it will probably become my priority in addressing the needs of the Municipality of Casamicciola “.


There are a number of senior figures within the administrative machine who are expiring. To this we must add that its settlement takes place in the heart of the tourist season.

«It is a moment of particular intensity in the administrative machinery, but in this case the experience can certainly help. We prefectural commissioners are used to intense commitments and complicated management. I come from two years of commissioner management of a municipality dissolved by infiltration which, as you can easily imagine, represents a very heavy work experience. Therefore, the management of the Municipality of Casamicciola does not scare me. I know it will be a very serious, intense commitment, the Prefect expects a lot from this management, especially – as I said – from the point of view of the earthquake problem ».

A non-technical question: what do you like most about this land?

«The sea, which represents a resource for citizenship, and characterizes culture, civilization and the way of being. It is a resource that I hope to find well exploited. I don’t know in what conditions the tourist port of Casamicciola is; I remember that in Lacco Ameno I encountered various difficulties with the company that was then in charge of managing the port. Sometimes what is a resource for the Municipality is delegated in an unproductive way to the institution’s coffers. I hope that in Casamicciola, on the other hand, there is really the ability to make the most of resources from an economic point of view ».

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