The economic constraints seem to weigh only on Turin. For Cairo, the team is “cannibal”, but does not set goals

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The president of Torino Urban Cairo at the Festival dello Sport he could not refrain from talking about the team and answering the questions of the journalists present he said: “In general I like how the team behaves on the pitch, he plays as Toro, a Cannibal bull like the one I saw last January with Fiorentina and then on other occasions “. The definition of “cannibal” is interesting considering that in this start of the season there have been three victories with newly promotedMonza, Cremonese and Lecce, a draw with Lazio And three defeats with two stronger teams, Atalanta and Interand one within reach, Sassuolo. Six goals scored and seven conceded. Without forgetting two points thrown away for goals collected in the final minutes 89 from Inter and 93 ‘from Sassuolo. And speaking of goals collected in the finals, we must also add those made by Mota of Monza in the 95 ‘, by Sernicola della Cremonese in the 80’ and the third and second on a penalty by Koopmeiners of Atalanta in the 84 ‘. In addition, Torino has slowed down as it has conquered 7 points in the first 3 days and then another 3 in the following 4 matches. It is therefore difficult to think of a Taurus “cannibal”And if anything a calf appears, proceeding at an uncertain pace.

Obviously the grenade patron Cairo, as has been his habit for years now, does not set any goals: “Now it is only important to restart to resume the positive start and work with desire and determination, then we will see where we will be able to arrive”. It also poses all the weight on Mr. Juric’s shoulders: “It is a team with good values ​​and many young people, almost all of them owned, led by a coach who is particularly good at developing their qualities”. And it continues in fact acquitting himself for a market once again that did not give the coach what he asked for: “I found a good understanding with Juric, I leave him free to train as he wants, I’m just sorry I couldn’t do more in the market due to economic constraints”.

Economic constraints that exist on paper, but which allowed, for example, the Juventus board of directors yesterday to approve the fifth consecutive budget in red and with a loss of € 254.3 million relating to the 2021-22 financial statements which is added to those of 209.9 in the previous year, 89.7 in 2019/20, 39.9 in 2018/19 and 19.2 in 2017/18. In comparison, the last four negative balance sheets of Turin which recorded total losses of 83.30 million and debts at 31 December 2021 amounting to 103.4 million are little, also because it is enough to make a capital increase as done by Juventus, underwritten to 91.75% for a total of 366.9 million euros, to lower the debt, the Juventus one in fact went from 389 to 153 million. And the debts and the financial statements in the red, also particularly heavy, among other things, not only Juventus among the top clubs of Serie A has them, did not prevent the Juventus club from buying Bremer from Turin by spending 41 million.

The October anyway will say how much it can be “cannibal”The Turinin fact, at the end of the break due to the commitments of the National team at the resumption of the championship, Juric’s team will have to to face Napoli, Empoli, Juventus, Cittadella in the round of 32 of the Italian Cup, Udinese and Milan. And he will also say how much an incomplete market will weigh on the results.

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