The editor-in-chief of Onet calls for tightening ties in the EU

On Monday morning, the website published Węglarczyk’s text, which calls for faster and stronger tightening of ties within the EU. According to the commentator, only such action will effectively protect the Union against external threats and will be a concrete response to the currently observed crisis of the community.

“The European Union is experiencing a serious crisis – here I fully agree with the politicians of the United Right. Contrary to them, however, I believe that there are no visionaries in European politics who would dare to admit that the answer to this crisis is not to loosen the union, but to deepen it. “- says the editor-in-chief of Onet.

A great European army?

According to Węglarczyk, one of the benefits of tightening cooperation is to strengthen defense: “Europe spends much, much more on the military than Russia. The problem is that each country spends this money on its own goals, on its own priorities, not only military , but also civil (…). Europe has more troops than Russia. It also has more planes, cannons, rockets, ships, including aircraft carriers, armored personnel carriers, mortars, rifles, as well as field kitchens. Therefore, since apart from various extremely useful ideas such as international corps or rapid reaction forces, the European Union does not conduct any common defense policy? “.

Węglarczyk: The need for Euro-diplomacy

Next, Bartosz Węglarczyk proposes building a common foreign policy front. “Europe should be a powerful geopolitical force, with its own priorities in the security and economic policy, as well as, for example, human rights. Maybe then it would play a role in Iran or in crises affecting North Africa, which would consequently improve Europe’s security. The successes of European diplomacy would then translate into benefits for Europe, just as today the successes of diplomacy of individual EU countries translate into benefits for these countries, and not for the entire Community. Today, Europe does not play any role, for example, in solving the crisis in Donbas. a key issue for the EU, though not for all its members, “we read.

“Europe should therefore live to a greater unity, because a more united Europe is simply stronger. Today this claim is rejected by a large part of politicians, not only in Poland, because it weakens their power and influence in their own countries. The more power Brussels has. , the more cards we have as Europe to play in this new Big Game. Alone Poland can only be the subject of this game “- states the editor-in-chief of Onet.

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