the effects of the strike and the war on deliveries

Coldiretti alert for supplies in supermarkets but the main risk is that of a psychosis among consumers

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Rumors have been running for days about a possible blockage of the distribution chain in Italy supermarkets for it strike of hauliers. Let’s see what is true and what to expect after the increase in fuel prices due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Expensive fuel and road haulage strike: what to expect

The expensive fuel could lead to drastic consequences starting from the fields up to the tables of the Italians, passing through logistics and transport.

The alarm was raised by Coldiretti Lazio and CaIaagromec, the federation of aeromechanics, in reference to the race in energy prices, from diesel to electricity, from gas to petrol.

The situation is serious because she will be exasperated by road haulage strike which can cause incalculable damage to the agri-food chain with 85% of goods traveling by road. The most perishable products from fruit and vegetables to milk are particularly at risk.

Coldiretti: “Psychosis for shopping in supermarkets”

Meanwhile, fear is already starting among the Italians: “All this also risks fueling a dangerous one psychosis in shopping on supermarket shelves“, Said the president of Coldiretti Lazio, David Granieri.

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Coldiretti alert for supplies in supermarkets

“A situation that – added Granieri – would further aggravate the already significant difficulties of the agri-food chain, forced to face heavy increases in production costs for raw materials and energy, with the explosion of the war in Ukraine, which is hindering trade in a country like Italy which is heavily dependent on foreign countries “.

Dear fuel and road transport stop, Coldiretti’s request

“At the moment we cannot afford to lose even a kilo of product and it is necessary that collections and deliveries to industries and commercial distribution are guaranteed to ensure supplies to the population“, Explained Granieri talking about the stop of road transport.

Coldiretti then made a request to intervene on the expensive diesel “Which risks stopping tractors in the countryside, increasing dependence on foreign countries for the import of food products. We must aim to increase food production – concluded Granieri – by recovering the space until now occupied by imports which, as the events of recent years show, are increasingly exposed to international and market tensions that jeopardize the food sovereignty of the Village”.

Supermarkets at risk?

Photo source: ANSA

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