The emotional story of battered chicken Hinkie and her new beginning with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

TV host Ellen DeGeneres rescued Hinkie and helped her heal a paw. (instagram/ellendegeneres)

actress and tv presenter Ellen DeGeneres Keep his more than 139,000,000 followers updated Instagram About status Hinkiea chicken suffered a broken fibula in one of its legs just days before Christmas.

Over time, Hinkie’s condition improved significantly and she began to regain mobility in her legs, but the other chickens DeGeneres rescued began harassing and intimidating her, so she resorted to Plan B.

Moderator asks for help Harry and Megan, Duke of Sussexthey lived five minutes away from home in a small chicken coop called “Archie’s Chick Inn” that had saved the birds.

DeGeneres decided to name the chicken after it decided to take up residence in the house’s laundry room. (instagram/ellendegeneres)

DeGeneres revealed Hinkie’s story through multiple posts shared on her Instagram account. Instagram. The first update about the chicken occurred on December 21, 2023, when the host told her fans that she was named the chicken because “she basically lives in our water tank.”

“I know it’s a stupid name, but you can blame Steve Carell for that, he gave him that name,” DeGeneres recalled. He also mentioned that he is currently eating well and drinking water without problems. The American actress remodeled her entire bathroom so that the hens could comfortably recover; he even placed a box of sawdust in what he called his “nesting area” to make Hinkie feel as comfortable as possible.

At the end of the video, DeGeneres showed off one of the injuries Hinky suffered from constant attacks by the host’s chickens, which didn’t stop harassing her.

Days later, DeGeneres told her followers that Hinkie had recently visited a veterinarian, who diagnosed a fractured fibula in one of her legs, requiring her to be transferred to a specialized clinic for four weeks of care and attention. “Turns out the bathroom wasn’t the best place for her,” the woman joked.

DeGeneres later introduced her catby name monkeyTirelessly guarding the bathroom door where Hinkie is resting, he ends the video by promising that he will update fans as soon as more information becomes available.

Weeks passed without the host providing further information about Hinkie’s health until January 14, when she announced via social networks Instagram “The bird’s legs were fixed,” but the rest of the coop kept bothering it, so it had to be relocated. “Luckily, our friends Harry and Meghan’s chicken coop still has room for a chicken coop,” the description on the photo reads.

DeGeneres joked that she still doesn’t know what Hinkie’s noble title is and thanked Kristen Sellers for the “wonderful” care she gave her while the chicken recovered.

The publication has received more than 28,000 “likes” to date and has sparked a debate among its followers, who have awarded the publication several “real titles” through various wordplay.

Hinkie will stay at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Archie’s Chick Inn property in Montecito. (Reuters/Piroschka Van De Wouw)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not commented on Hinkie’s move so far, but they are known to be avid animal lovers and even have a small sanctuary dedicated to chickens called “Archie’s Chicken Inn.”

In an interview with US TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, the dukes discussed their decision to keep chicken coops in their houses, a fact that has become a popular trend among Californians for several years.

“I love rescue,” Meghan said after the host noticed a sign that read “Archie’s Chicken Inn – Opened 2021,” mentioning that the family’s beagle Guy was from Kentucky, USA Animal shelter adoptions added.

“A lot of people in Montecito[the area where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Ellen DeGeneres live]raise chickens. When we had the landslide in 2018, humane society “I looked after 500 people’s birds until they came home,” interior designer Penny told British media. Daily Mail.

“I think Harry and Meghan were saved from factory farms,” ​​Penny pointed out.

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