The end of a career? The actor shows how 50 shades of Grey ” has influenced his life

There are actors who have repented of participation in the project is considered controversial – mostly those that loved and hated by many. Robert Pattinson, for example, one of these cases.

The actor, who lives in a Batman film, always joking, Twilight, when you can. Despite this, the deductible for a minor, broke his career – and it is at this stage focused on the actor Jamie Dornan.

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Lived the famous Christian grey in the famous and controversial series on the 50 shades of Grey. In addition, we hope that you like to be in three films of the series, Dornan said that the role didn’t ruin his career.

“I feel that you don’t know what you want to do when you read and think, ‘Oh, that’s what I want.” I have a strong feeling that it’s not good for me. And what you like to challenge me, in addition, the current of the most diverse as possible,” said the actor in a Variety of.

In the same interview, Dornan revealed that he feels “happy” for participation in the franchise 50 shades of Grey. Video opened the opportunity in his career.

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After Christian grey, the famous reduced to independent cinema. This category currently in the budget from$ 5 to$ 15 million.

“I personally believe that this is where the best scenarios. I did things like Anthropoid, and Private War, that I’m really proud of. I was lucky that they came in my way for 50 shades of Grey,” said famous.

Dornan warrants that it has not been “typical” for the franchise. For the actor, for each job “the one”.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, and probably will never do again because every thing in itself. We did it in his own world, which is very large, and many people mind. But what we did, and it’,” explained Dornan.

The last film of the series was 50 shades of Freedom, released on the market in 2018. Dornan played in the bed next to Dakota Johnson.

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The trilogy is available on digital platforms.

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