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On March 26, – A few days ago, the singer-Junior-released one of her tattoos to the audience. She had to say, “everything will pass”, it was a message to her fans, during this difficult time due to the multi-Coronavirus. With this, many people began to wonder what would be the tattoos, Sandythe sister of the lead singer.

In fact, the sentence written on the skin, a Junior, is taken from a song written by her older sister. In this regard, below, to the singer, Sandy has no tattoos, and what they are!

Tattoos, Sandy: See the drawings she made in the skin
Tattoos, Sandy: See the drawings she made in the skin

The singer has a tattoo?

The answer to this question is positive, because the singer has a couple of entries, and the designs engraved in the leather. All of them, in fact, they’re so sensitive about it.

The singer has already released more than five tattoos, spread all over your body, all of which can vary between the symbols, phrases and designs. Check out a few of them.

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Tattoos, Sandy, all of which are in the writings in the skin of the singer?

The more recent the tattoo, as disclosed by the singer has been showing her the sign of the zodiac, aquarius. Sandy, who was born in the month of January, recording a symbol on the upper arm.

In addition to this, some of the other tattoos are of a Sandy, which is well-known, refers to the recording of the line “to Be, to feel, to live”, taken from the music He/She composed by a musician in a tribute to her husband, Luke, Lima, peru.

Also, the artist has etched into the skin with the inscription, “s. j.”, named after the duo Sandy & Junior, who trained for many years with his brother.

The rest of the tattoos on the Sandy, if you refer to the entry “prisoner of Azkaban”, the name of his son, the singer, both on his arm; then, with the phrase “Omnia Amor Vincit”, which was recorded at the nape of her neck by the artist.

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