the ETS system drives up energy prices

According to the study of the studio Social Changes on behalf of the portal, Poles are seeing more and more clearly that the system of fees for carbon dioxide emissions is starting to seriously threaten the Polish economy. Pricing of allowances in the ETS they are growing very fast, which especially affects economies still based on coal, and thus also Poland.

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In our study with the opinion that the system of charges for carbon dioxide emissions “limits the development of the Polish economy”, they agreed 39 percent subjects.

In opinion only 11 percent the ETS system “has no impact on the development of the Polish economy”. 10 percent believes that the emission charges support our development.

Poles also see the impact of the carbon dioxide emissions system (ETS) on the increase in energy prices; he thinks so as much as 57 percent respondents:

What should you do in this situation? According to the largest group of respondents – 38 percent – the government should insist on the reform of the fee system.

According to 20 percent – Poland should terminate the ETS agreement.

7 percent believes that we should simply accept rising prices and slowing economic development.

Due to the rising prices of both energy and carbon dioxide emission allowances, the issue of energy policy is becoming one of the most important problems of our time. One thing is certain: Poland was not joining the European Union so that it could now agree to stop its own development.

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The survey was carried out using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method on an internet panel. The study was conducted on a nationwide, representative (in terms of: sex, age, size of the place of residence) sample of Poles, N = 1071 people, from 7 to 10 January 2021.


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