The EU splits on gas: no decision on the price ceiling

Still a slowdown on ceiling on the price of gas, the so-called “price cap”. Jozef Sikela, Minister of Industry of the Czech Republic, immediately curbed the expectations of those who believed that today at the Extraordinary Energy Council in Brussels we would at least reach an agreement in principle. “I expect that we will move forward step by step, implementing the measures as we go. It could be the next item on the agenda“, said the representative of Prague. And it is an important comment given that his country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union.

The dossier appears extremely divisive within the European Union. Kadri SimsonEU energy commissioner, arriving at the Council of Ministers explained the point of view of Brussels: “As different Member States expect different solutions, the Commission needs to come up with an idea that enjoys broad support“.”We need to find a way that is acceptable to all Member States“, concluded Simson. But the game does not seem easy at all since there are several members of the Union on the barricades, primarily Germany.

The rifts in the price cap

The crux, at this moment, appears the difference of views on the type of roof to the price of gas. For some countries, especially the 15 signatories of a letter to Brussels (including Italy, France, Poland and Spain), the goal should be that of a general ceiling on the prices of imported gas. For others, however, the only ceiling on the price of Russian gas without affecting other suppliers. As it relates HandleGerman diplomatic sources have made it known that Berlin’s “no” to a universal price cape on gas is not “ideological” but deriving from the fact that it is necessary “guarantee the security of supplies“: with a price ceiling that affects all imports, they explain from Berlin,”there is a high risk of LNG going to Asia or elsewhere“. The point of view of Germany it is therefore to negotiate at source, without imposing a maximum price of a continental nature. A line that seems to have also broken through the Commission, since Commissioner Simson herself has confirmed that she cannot “treat all energy suppliers equally. The Russian situation is different, it has proved to be an unreliable supplier. For this we propose a price cap on Russian gas and to negotiate the price with other partners who are reliable“.

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