The EU takes a look at the tools that cost the most for doing nothing

scheme that the European Union intended so that your electronic devices consume less energy when in sleep mode.

We have a lot of electronic devices in our home, and although we usually turn them off when we are not using them, many of them remain inactive.

when a device, or a device, is at rest or in to supportIt continues to consume energy, although less than when it is fully on, allowing it to update in the background when we are not using it, or when we need it If so, it turns on very quickly.

An example of electronic equipment in standby could be the television when the light is on, in some cases even the laptop, fridge, or router.

Well, the EU has said enough is enough, and is looking to introduce changes to the Ecological Design regulation to reduce consumption in standby electronics equipment,

Basically what they are looking for is that the comfort consumption is reduced enough that the design of the equipment changes.

Furthermore, on occasion, the regulation also extends to devices with external low-voltage power supplies such as smart speakers or WiFi routers.

According to EU estimates, this new regulation could save around 4 terawatt hours (TWh) by 2030, which would prevent emissions into the atmosphere of 1.36 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

This will also be reflected in the economy of consumers, which will mean savings of 530 million euros globally.

These Are the Devices That Cost the Most in Standby

  • Printer with 52.6 kW/h annual consumption at rest
  • Router 35kW/h
  • Music Chain 35 kW/h
  • gas boiler 27.2 kW/h
  • Smart Speaker 26.3 kWh

According to OCU, it is estimated that 400 kW/h of consumption is exceeded per year at rest, and this translates into an additional expenditure that will exceed €100 per year in unused consumption.

OCU offers a range of suggestions so that we can reduce the excess consumption in our equipment:

  • They recommend unplugging devices that don’t need to rest, such as TVs or sound systems.
  • Also, when we are not using the laptop, we can unplug it.
  • The user can opt for more efficient devices.
  • Or you can also invest in a smart plug that disconnects the appliance from the grid.
  • Also, don’t forget that if you’re going on vacation this summer, disconnect most devices from power, such as the router or, if possible, even the fridge.

So not only will you be able to save on the consumption of your electronic equipment in standby, but it may also happen that the new equipment you buy in the future will already come with this regulation ready.

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