The Europa League ‘nuisance’: less charm and more problems than the Champions League, but it helps Juve’s accounts

Bother? Yes, but that’s not all. An annoyance for the Juventus Europa League is, inevitably, because the Bianconeri certainly did not have it in mind to leave the Champions League in the groups. Annoyance for away matches on Thursdays, for the extra turn to play, for the less fascinating challenges and for the physical-mental weight of facing certain challenges without running into fool, but also an opportunity. European redemption, for Juve and Allegri, in a cup that the bianconeri have yet to win in the last round.

Being outside the top 16 in Europe is a hard blow, while the EL can represent the ground for a growth path for a group that has shown that it needs to grow.. And, he explains Tuttosport, it would be especially so for those young people who are proving to be the future Juventus, from Miretti to Iling-Junior: the Europa League would be an excellent school to prepare to return to the most prestigious stage. In any case, it would give an important value and a boost to relaunch on the international level, obviously if won. But there is still another aspect that can make it an opportunity …

ECONOMIC PLAN – The elimination from the Champions League in the group stage effectively took away € 30 million from Juventus, also affecting Juventus’ balance sheet. Failure to access the round of 16 was worth a prize of € 9.6 million, to which to add the proceeds from the ranking and market pool, plus the collection of the home game and the victory prizes, for a total of 30 million. And then again: 10.6 for the quarters, and so on. A figure that refers to the round of 16 that with the Europa League could only match by triumphing in the final on May 31 in Budapest. As reported Tuttosport“the qualification for the round of 16 guarantees 1.2 million, the quarter-finals 1.8, the semi-finals 2.8, the final 4.6 and finally the victory 4 million, for a total of 14.4 million. ranking and market pool must be added, much lower than in the Champions League but able, together with the takings of the four home games necessary to reach the final, to raise the figure to around 25 million “. To cover the 30 million of the Champions League, therefore, Juve would have to win the Europa League … but even a good path would at least limit the damage.

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