The evolution of Luan Perez at Fenerbahçe: his contract could be frozen!

There was a new development at Fenerbahçe regarding Luán Pérez, who entered the national halftime as the leader of the Süper Lig.

Yaziz Sabuncuoglu, as reported by Fenerbahçe, He can put a hold on Luan Perez’s contract.

In the news, it was said that my doctors had recommended surgery to Perez, who was injured, and that the Brazilian football player would have to stay off the field for 2-3 months while the operation took place.

It was said that if such a situation occurs, Fenerbahçe may terminate Pérez’s contract.

2 name license will be suspended

The Yellow-Navy Blues have made 13 new signings in the summer transfer window so far. Of these, 9 were foreign players.

According to the rules, 14 foreign players can be licensed in the Super League. The number is currently 17 in the Yellow-Navy Blues. Ismail Kartal said Lincoln’s license would remain suspended until January. Still, 2 more names should be left out. The first of these players is likely to be young Egyptian defender Omar Fayed. For the second player, the favorite is seen as Luan Perez. On the other hand, although his credit was enhanced by a penalty in the Twenty20 match with Crespo, who did not renew his contract, King is among the candidates in this regard.

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