the ex-wife of his new companion makes revelations

After separating from her husband, Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande would have found love for several months already.

After two years of marriage, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have decided to end their love story. This news broke after the singer was spotted in the stands at the Wimbledon final without her ring on her ring finger on July 16. The ex-couple would have separated because of their way of life too different. The famous real estate agent could no longer bear, for example, to be constantly surrounded by security. The day after this news, rumors then suggested that the interpreter of “Into You” had already found love in the arms of one of his co-stars in the film “Wicked”.

collateral damage

For several months, Ariana Grande has apparently been dating the so-called Ethan Slater. The latter was also married since 2018 with his childhood sweetheart and had even welcomed a child with his wife. A few days after the revelation of his relationship with the singer, the young man also officially asked for a divorce from his wife. This Thursday, July 27, the latter also reacted in the columns of “Page Six” about this whole story and said that her family was “collateral damage” from the divorce from Ariana Grande. The ex-wife of Ethan Slater would also live, according to several sources, this whole story as a betrayal because the singer often spent time with her and her baby before…

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